Saturday, May 09, 2009

UNIX still kills Linux

In China installs a secure operating system on all military PCs based on Free-BSD 5.3. China appears to be well ahead of the curve, selecting the best OS for the job regardless of vendor influence in the West. US Department of Defense is the target of no fewer than 128 information infrastructure attacks per minute from China, and we discover that China is engaged in working toward 100% military deployment of security hardened FreeBSD while the US DoD is almost universally using off-the-shelf Microsoft Windows systems, it becomes clear that there’s definitely something wrong with US information security policy.

I'm not in the fight so it doesn't matter if I use openSUSE, Fedora or Windows Vista. It's really funny when I asked the government why there is Windows XP and not Red Hat or BSD. The representatives just say it's not of my beeswax. LOL!

The harsh truth of the matter is that corporate influence in government has succeeded in retarding the progress of information technology advancement in US defense policy by weighing down decision making processes with political favoritism!

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