Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heavily Yielded Cyclops64 CPU in Playstation 5?

The Cyclops64 is like a high-end Cell Broadband Engine, if CBE was lowest end cellular architecture. It's basically a CBE with 80 SPEs/10 PPEs at 500 MHz instead of 8 SPEs at 3.2 GHz.

In comparison, Playstation 4 is rumored to have a Cell Broadband Engine 3 with 32 SPEs and 4 PPEs, but who knows how many disabled to improve yield. If Sony disable 12 SPEs left over from IBM Roadrunner super computers than PS4 still matches Xbox 720.
Cyclops64 is funded 95% by the US Government shared by the DoD, DoE, IBM, and the Japanese have Toshiba to put it into future IBM Roadrunners, currently fastest super computer in the world. Yes, IBM got that from a Looney Tunes. NASA uses Marvin Marion to represent Mars missions.

Playstation 5 will likely have a yielded version left over from rejected US super computer CPUs. 60 or more SPEs over CBE 3's 32 SPEs...what's not to like? I'm sure it will be missing 20 just to pay for itself. Sony are essentially recycling garbage Cyclops64 and giving it new life as a console CPU. I'm sure the software will work-around the incompatibilities.

Personally, PS4 should have a heavily yielded Cyclops64 chips, but I don't care what CPU they put in it, it's still having DirectX 11 graphics. And I am still going to wait 12 months - four years after launch to buy one.

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