Saturday, January 03, 2009

500 million will outpace non-hydrogen power plants by 2050

A sensible and prudent national energy policy should have, as two of its primary goals, 1) maximizing the lifetime of our remaining resources of fossil fuels, and, 2) making sure that the harmful by-products of energy utilization (waste heat and pollution) do not exceed the long range carrying capacity of our environment.

We can support a near 500 million population by 2050 if Government apply Gen3+ and Gen4 hydrogen power plants in key locations. Yucca Mountain is mandatory. We can't have several hundred acres of wind turbans. Fucusly solely on wind turbans are more crazy than ITER-based (magnetoplasma/Gen4) hydrogen power plants.

US at least needs 30% nuclear with ITER-based (magnetoplasma/Gen4) hydrogen power plants by the time US has remotely near 500 million residents.

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