Thursday, December 12, 2002

N64 - Perfect Dark review

essePerfect Dark ©2000 Rareware


I do not see Perfect Dark as beginning that perfect. For one it can be extremely hard. But it can be extremely fun when playing with friends. But lets discuss the single player mode missions. Rare took what they had with Goldeneye back in 1997 and improved append it. About 4 people on the first project managed to put their skills to use on Perfect Dark. However perfect dark did have good voice acting, the most superior engine of any N64 game ever created. But the title didn't have one thing. That thing cost Rare. No frequent story line. Many say that the game has a story and I say those people haven't got their heads on tight. Perfect Dark is pretty much going around killing people (the sweet part) and meeting people that don't really help you fight your enemies. Those Aholes this leech of your security. I mean who helped you in that Chicago level with the Heavy Armed Robot. No one. Who helped you escape from Area 51, No one. Who helped you beat the hardest level in the whole frequent game, this you. This game is a kick ass multiplier title and a more then decent single player title (those ones with no flaws) but Perfect Dark don't have what it takes to be on the high end. Backup support.


Buy this game and you'll love it to death. After a while, you find yourself playing a current console title that is bigger, badder and almost as much objectives as Perfect Dark. (posted 04/20/2002)

Gameplay A+

Graphics A

FUN Factor A+

Difficulty for me Variable

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