Monday, December 09, 2002

N64 - Star fox review

mattStar Fox 64 ©1997 Nintendo


Nintendo's sequel to their first fully 3D game for SNES, Star Fox 64 does show off a little. The game however is N64s only airial combat title. This is not because the design behind the game is very good. So what if its not perfect. You still get hard bosses to defeat, secret areas in space, power ups and a fair chance to beat the game. You can not ask for something more. In the game you control Fox McCloud's plane. In the game you can ethier play as a normal or expert modes, but you must also beat the game with the amount of lives you get, and one of three courses. Actually it is in your favor to do the best possible job in each mission. Then instead of showing 'Mission Completed' your mission statist will show 'Mission Accomplished.' If you get a accomplished statist you must beat the mission in a lotted time, destroy a current ammount of enemies, or beat a boss a current way (in two ways you must accompany another to the end of the mission) All those challenges make the game what it is. For a cartridge technology Star Fox shined over many Playstation titles in 1997. Of course it could never beat the popularity of Final Fantasy VII.

Conclusions :

This is actually a enjoyable one player title that can be beaten with-in 2 hours. If you can figure out how the controls work, piloting the Fox's craft is as easy as making peanut butter and jelly. Not recommended. What is recommended is giving this title a rental if you don't own a copy of Star Fox 64 already. (posted 04/17/2002)

Gameplay A+

Graphics B+

FUN Factor B+

Difficulty for me HARD

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