Thursday, December 05, 2002

Super Mario 64 ©1996 Nintendo

There are those who say that Nintendo developed the Nintendo 64 around Super Mario 64. For short while, Super Mario 64 was the only game available for N64. Super Mario 64 is in top recognition on the Nintendo 64. Here's Why. The game has reamped Mario into 3D and placed him in a respected platformer. By now you can not see the advancements Nintendo had when they released the game. Now if you type "Super Mario 64 ROM" into Google, your going to get a couple 100 hits. To be honest, it's really one of a few playable Roms you can have through emulation on this platform. Mario in this game, like the Super Mario RPG before it, Squaresoft's last game for SNES is better then 80% of the games out there. Mario has to try to save Peach, the Mushroom Land Royalty from the evil Browser ( yeah you guessed it, Browser may not look evil to you anymore with all the different franchises he's featured in.) Anyhow, this game runs about the 4th best N64 game I played. Okay, a few features that I like about this game and makes it a good platform is that you can not die right away. The game is fairly easy to beat. Okay its more then easy, its a weekend thing if you start on Friday, you may beat it the next day or if you don't stay up the night, you can finish on Sunday. If you go to funcoland and happen to pick up a N64, this game is worth a try above all others. (posted 04/18/2002)

Gameplay A+

Graphics A-

FUN Factor B+

Difficulty for me MEDIUM HARD

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