Monday, December 16, 2002

N64 - Turok 2 Seeds of Evil review

  • Turok 2 Seeds of Evil ©1998 Acclaim

Another popular 1st person shotter (that I've own for 3 years now) is Turok 2. At it time in late 1997, this game was the best looking FPS on the charts. If you look in it a little you'll find it isn't what it was once hyped up to be. Like Perfect Dark you are on your own for the entire time. Turok 2 story line takes off when Turok Dinosaur Hunter ended. It is relatively simple combated to other games i've played. The game gets confusing when you try to find keys to open doors that will bring you into other areas. Sometimes you have to backtrack to find the beginning. One thing that you might have simfinely for is the children. Sometimes you this want to help the crying children who are locked in cages sometimes guarded by gruesome enemies. You must find these cages through-out the game. One personal opinion on this captured children thing. You see that all the humans that once dominated the land are all gone, all except for children. You think it was a trap, and it was for Turok. I mean I think that Turok has a heart but it was to his disadvantage to have to defend himself in hostile territory this to try to save one of those kids. It this made me mad when I died. The game has your average pistol and a rail gun, some semiautomatics, garnades and a nuke that you need to take care of yourself. Throughout the game their are wave points to save, but you must either be a expert gunner or need to remember the map. The game does have a map but it becomes useless when the map changes 3 or 4 times while you move forward in the game. Turok 2 is huge and it will take you a weekend to get through it.


For a 64 bit title, Turok 2 is real pretty. You'll have a good time shooting enemies. You may not like the fact that the Turok franchise are the bloodiest shooters on the console. However if gore don't bother you, I say, Turok 2 can be really fun if you know what to look for. (posted 04/20/2002)

Gameplay B-

Graphics A+

FUN Factor A-

Difficulty for me MEDIUM HARD

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