Saturday, December 07, 2002

Banjo and Kazooie

Banjo and Kajooie ©1998 Rareware


Developed by Rare, Nintendo's 2nd party developer, Banjo and Kazzooie and it's sequel didn't shame Nintendo. For I while, the game trailed Zelda when it came out the same day. Rare had something going for them when they thought of a SM64 clone. Banjo and Kazzooie wasn't even in development for as long as Zelda and people who played the game, at least children, thought it was fun. I agree with them. In side the game features another 20+ hour game for people to beat. At the time the game cost 69 bucks to own. That soon changed a year later. I actually bought my copy at a fair stand for 20 bucks. They had a game store behind them. I could of only gotten one. I stopped playing Banjo and Kazooie because something was odd with me trying to beat a craps ass. Yeah I only onced turned up the music before i've learned my lesson. Take it from me don't turn up the volume, this isn't a adult game, people. Unless ur alone then it would be ok, but with people, with all the strange pecking sounds Kazooie makes may be disturbing.


Solid title but was really made for little children and not us 'Mature' Adults. PS. If you grab the controller from someone because you want to finish it, that does mean that you are the one who's immature.

Gameplay B+

Graphics A-

FUN Factor C+

Difficulty for me MEDIUM

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