Sunday, December 22, 2002

N64 - Rogue Squadron review

Star Wars - Rogue Squadron ©1998 Factor 5


SWRS is either a game that you like or you don't. I liked the sequel on Gamecube much better then this one on N64. It has nothing to do with graphics my friend. Even though the game had no problems with control or camera angle, the game is difficult. In someways I got frustrated when playing this game. You have your X-Wings buddies but they never defend you. The computer does a good job piloting them but they don't help me. Star Wars Rogue Squadron is the top Star Wars francise in terms of gameplay. All other Star Wars games where pieces of shit to say briefly. Only Rogue Squadron and some of the X-Wing titles avaliable on PC where any good. Factor 5 seemed like they went all out developing scenry for this game. This game did run without the RAM pak but pumped every ounce of hardware capabilty without it. Star Wars even made the best looking games for 1998 and yet it was on a outdated console. I mean those other titles like Zelda and Turok 2 still came out the same year, but PCs where at the 64-bit /128 bit barrier with the TNT 8 MB videocards. Some of the games already looked like what Perfect Dark looked on the N64 to years later. So for that reason, Lucas Arts also put this title on PC. They did get more N64 games but the PC version can still be played in High Resolution today.


Factor 5 did a good job making this title. They spent 2 years on the game. But if you see the PC version you might want to pick that one up instead. The PC version looks alot better. (posted 04/19/2002)

Gameplay C+

Graphics A

FUN Factor D+

Difficulty for me HARD

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