Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blu-ray is loosing Race for all the wrong reasons!

Blu-ray supports are the minority because Sony has limited Bluray manufacturing in Sony Vaio laptop? I dont' care what he says. I'm getting BDRWs in my PC someday!

Lets see

25 GB BD

BDR $20
HDDVDR can't find any!

emm which one will i choose? smiley I know...the BDR! (and the fact there is a DL-HDDVDR doesn't matter since all BDRW drives are dual layer)

As a movie format...the BD-ROM & HD-DVD are the same resolution. Compression matters here. People can not disapprove BD-ROM is a shitty format because all the movies use MPEG2 HD while HD-DVD uses VC1!

That is like PS3 uses MPEG in 720p and complaining there isn't enough data space on the BD therefore it is god aweful!

I have Talladega Nights Ballet of Ricky Bobby already

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