Sunday, December 31, 2006

Brian and David came over: Seemed like forever

Yesterday, must've been the best moment in two months (even more so than getting a job) because my cousins (both in Navy/Marine service) came over so we could play both Xbox 360 and PS3. It was a family reunion and my Uncle kept menacing about making him audio cds /w AD-PCM. I told him if I added it to FAT32 it won't work in most CD players due to nothing I had would keep AD-PCM as is.

While I had two younger cousins, 13 and 12 playing Call of Duty 2, and Need for Speed Most Wanted on the xbox 360. That was fun for them while I knew nothing. David and I played Ridge Racer 7 in another room. David says Japanese listen to a lot of trance so this is some of their music. He doesn't care about what the game I just let the music play. I haven't seen David since 2004 so it was that made me happy the whole day.

Resistance Fall of Man and Gears of War were really fun with playing Brian whom haven't seen for two years. He is 20 years old, and on leave from his San Fran marine boot camp. Brian is slightly better at games than I am and has better communication skills. I got to the part where Brian and I barely made it pass level 3: Spires. One of my problems is I only used a frag grenade once to take care of the stockers that I loose ½ my vitality. I made it easy so I could get the control right and so Brian could advance quicker.


There was a Christmas tree so everybody opened presents except me who was downstairs. Nobody really cares for me...I get a $10 Subway gift card and i gave both Brian and David $20. I spent too much on PS3 this month. I did get a partially paid Xbox 360 controller out of the whole thing so I came out ahead.

David promised he could come over Tuesday, and play Gears of war with me again. Otherwise we could go to McDonalds or he could get me a girlfriend. On a second thought, fuck girlfriends...they don't want some guy with bad communication skills around them. Someday maybe.


David beat me at Need for Speed Most Wanted in both racing Japanese cars in circuits and drag races. After I tried playing Gears of War with him then again with Brian. I also got beaten in RR7 because he could get his nitris gage full quicker doing better drift, and yet i won 2 races of of the four against him.

My systemax pc is deprived of Guild Wars lately. I've been occupied with Final Fantasy XII lately (around the part where i sneak into the palace – not very far). It's a very good game, but that much is widely known. It was on the bottom of IGN and Gamespot websites in the hottest games on the bottom. No surprise. It's the 2nd largest Japanese developer's flagship title.

Today, I decided to play Final Fantasy 12 and download more Shoutcast streams via Ripcast so my bandwidth this month is used up more. Since Wildblue rocketed Wildblue-1 (satellite) last month, connections have been a lot more reliable (except when you download 1.5 GB in one day like i have). David quoted, “it is faster than dial-up. What he doesn't know is dial up isn't suppose to's far more privative than DSL. We are the last known places in the world that has dial up.

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