Monday, February 10, 2003

Imagine that someone has come up with a gadget to allow smokers to light from computers. It would make everything conveniant. Wow the things that you find off the net these days. I was listening to a lot of Monty Python - Holy Grail comedy lately on my mp3 player.

It's not that Monty Python isn't funny, some of the other music I listen too (like Metallica/2pac) didn't measure up to it well. It doesn't matter now. But that was what happened to me when I listened to Monty Python. A package came in the mail (drum role please) and it was .... a pair of speakers, one memory stick and one soundcard. Everything worked except for the blasted soundcard. The VIM editor in Redhat Linux is consuming me. Every difficult editor. This a bit above comprehension.

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