Friday, February 14, 2003

Gamecube - Resident Evil review

A.) Dolby Pro Logic II sound
B.) 30-40 hours of gameplay
C.) hard-to-beat zombies / monsters
D.) 3 playable characters all with different stories and different events
E.) 3 difficulties
F.) huge amount of detail, not in polygon amount, but objects showing at once.
G.) new areas not seen in original game
H.) fully acted story line. And very good acting
I.)Options to have HDTV recongization.

Resident Evil for Gamecube is the bloodiest shooter that hit the console. Capcom spent 2 years on this project redoing all the still framing. You can hear a difference since the game also has a audio advantage as well. Zombies look much more in depth. To me the game doesn't look extremely good, but the game IS extremely large. Covering a 60 plus room mansion. Capcom had to invent a new engine which I think they sub-license with Nintendo. In the beginning you get to play Three S.T.A.R.S. members including the most famous Jill Valentine with Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers (main character in both RE0 / RE Movie)


Playing this game is not easy nor hard. It this takes a lot of memorization cuz you'll be playing this port for 30 hours. The game comes with the all the advantages of Code Veronica but has the worst difficulty of all the franchise. Ammo is scattered throughout the mansion and the combat knife is not do all that much damage. This is a bad thing. But that doesn't affect the game much. You may want to take a break between sessions due to the great amount of consternation it takes to keep your character alive. The game offers 4 control setups. The games control feels like the Resident Evil games on Dreamcast. The controller for Gamecube basically is the Dreamcast controller on a more powerful console.

Artificial Intelligence

Zombies aren't dumb in this Gamecube port. The little mistakes you get away with your old PSX port or some Dreamcast ports are in no way similar in this game. This game is much harder to beat.

Such movements as Zombies do is - they fall on you never stop until your die or automatically knowing where you stand can make you really agitated can even make you swear. Zombies can brake down doors in front or surround you on all sides with no way out. Your allies from the old Bravo team and your team help you complete Resident Evil. However your the one that decides their fate. This is the difference between ammo (4 shots per zombie, 7 shots for lickers) or allow your partner do all the shooting.

Sometimes you find that your ally takes the same number of shots that if you killed the zombie or what ever anyway and he come back to life and still waste someone's ammo. One thing that I don't ' think that many reviewers caught in Resident Evil for Gamecube is that once a zombie feeds on another victim or another zombie, every one of them comes to life. Some monsters here are even impossible to kill. So in times like these you can do nothing else but to be scarce. One way to avoid some zombie bites are to have a fair amount of herbs handy. This can be the difference between life and death.


Capcom does a good job making this game technology superior over any other console games. The backgrounds have lightning effects, man made lighting effects, precise shadowing and far less low resolution parts of walls or parts of characters such as cloths, pictures, fires, rubies or other items found. All items pop up and show themselves quit nicely. All the FMV *full motion video* is in full screen, ultra high resolution (DVD quality video) and between 10 to 30 seconds long. Its amazing how Capcom could of done all of this spanning 2 discs. You really do get what you pay for in Resident Evil. This makes few wonder what Capcom will feature in Resident Evil : Zero currently pushed for a December 2002 window.


Defiantly being the best game for Gamecube in 4 ways : Superior graphics : Superior quality : Superior length (could be the longest game ever on a Nintendo console) and superior difficulty. If you are over 17 and own or want to get a Gamecube, this game is currently the best title to own. This game is a academy award nominee for 2002 games. (posted May 05, 2002)

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