Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Gamecube - Extreme-G III review


A.) 16 tracks
B.) 4 championship modes.
C.) 8 professional sponsors
D.) detailed backgrounds

Not many people will pick up a futuristic racer like this one. The Xtreme G franchise wasn't very popular. The developer that made both titles seize to exist now. But considering that XGIII has good graphics and a slick track design makes me personally want me coming back. I say this game has a high replay value to it. The developer took Battle Mode out of XGIII because they said it would wreck the point of the game, racing.

The controls are responsive. Except when you attempt to first play Xtreme G III, you know that you'll be hitting the rails most of the time. This is the biggest disadvantage in Extreme-G because not only do you have to say in the middle of the track, you have know whats behind you. That pulse that makes your bike unstable is the most dangerous. You can loose your place very fast. And all the competition will pass you before you can get your bike on the race track. Sometimes you will get stuck on a sharp curve and die from jumping the track. So to save civilization the bike has a distract sequence.

Xtreme G III has remastered tracks from the first game. Muon Harbor is an example of what was unchanged. It has been close to 100 years since Xtreme G has been incorporated. You have many tracks to play on ... 16 in all. The make up on the tracks are great but your not getting top notch designing here. Sometimes you look at Rush 2049 on the Dreamcast and see how the slightest graphical change doesn't mean anything. Resident Evil which have very big differences, is the few titles to greatly differ from the orginal release.

The Xtreme G franchises uses techno as a main music theme. I say if the Europeans like that stuff then it can't be all that bad. Acclaim also has rights to Dolby Digital Surround Sound. So if you have a entertainment system it will sound more realistic. And no this doesn't apply to me.

In this game, I'd like to say, "wow." Its a good title to come to play every couple 10 minutes. It's a "10 minute game." Easy on the eyes, good control and music that is fun to listen too. If you don't like it then you can always turn it way down.

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