Saturday, February 08, 2003

Gamecube - Timesplitters 2 review


Publisher - Eidos

A.) steady first person shooter

Developer - Free Radical Design

B.) 3 hours of story mode

Released on Aug. 18, 2002

C.) hard-to-beat zombies / monsters

type - First Person Shooter

D.) Have a wide selection of pulse guns, machine guns and pistols in a period of 600 years

Timesplitters 2 has been a solid effort and conquers every aspect you would want to see in a first person shooter. Designed by Free Radicial Design, the game looks really good. The down side of it is it looks good and their isn't enough of it. Some Europeans have a erge for dance mixes. But somehow we get a musical customized soundtrack from these guys. The game is suppose to increase replay value by having better AI then Timesplitters for the Playstation 2. The sequel added some new levels to the base which wasn't included in the PS2 verison.

I was going to say that this game wasn't good but it was worth 50 dollars. One of the best places I've played was in NeoTokyo level. Some say that that level was harder then heck because a security guard is hidden from view when the hacker makes her move towards her secret hideout. I've been caught red-handed every time.

Timesplitter 2 graphics are better then Agent Under Fire. The development team at Free Radical Design is a colorful group. Designers whom worked for big developing studios Nintendo, Sega, Activision and Raven Software. All the models are well rounded and in high resolution. Sometimes there are hints of Quake 3 and Half-Life with a pinch of Goldeneye. But upclose they look empty. But if the team working on the Gamecube version was trying to re-create Goldeneye then it's all good. (graphics 8.5/10)

In first person shooter terms the Gamecube controller sucks. There are no exceptions. The C-stick is too loose to have any kind of head shots. Sometimes it feels that you aren't running -- only walking. The gamecube controller didn't work in 007 - Agent Under Fire and it won't work in this game. (controls 7/10)

The vastness of the Multiplayer Mode is apresheated. Timesplitters 2 comes with Elimination. This mode is where everyone has some lifes and the one who lasts the longest wins the game. Its cool when I have friends over. Some people don't enjoy playing shooting games anymore. However there is a solid one player option. It's pretty basic. If you move around on the level the bots will miss you most of the time. I remember this when I played Half Life on the Internet. There was one classic moment when I got shot in the back of the head in the Nuclear Reactor level. I was gearing up to shot my friend and he saw me. I kept missing him. And he got me with one shot. The game was running 30 frames per second with minor slow downs over a modem.

And I almost forgot. The game comes with a really simple to use Map editor. It allows you to edit makes that the game already has. Or you can make your own. Free Radical Design released that not everyone had the ability to texture their levels because it's too time consuming. So they came up with a good idea that the level texturing is done for you. There's a pointer in the program and all you have to do is press A to choose, lay, pick up, drop or move. It's simple. I like it. And it's fun to have Elimination or Deathmatch on levels that I've created. One positive turnout that Free Radical has put on Gamecube. Gamecube doesn't have a repritation of having exceptional first person shooters like the Nintendo 64 had. We knew that N64 had Goldeneye 007 and that was exceptional game. (Level Editor 9.9/10)

The sound department sounds like a energy mixes. You can hear a difference between futurist and present and pass music. In my opinion the Sibera music played in the opening level sounds the best. Gun shots are most noticable. Since you really can't commit on how a machine gun sounds verus a shotgun. I can't really tell you how great it sounds even though this is a first person shooter. Yeah boys and girls, the sound in this game is rivil'n. (soundtrack 8/10)

In conclusion the replay value when playing with someone near your skill level is brillant. I had as much fun playing this game then Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64. The story level had some good points hear and there but all levels in this game have solid design. It's this not the brillant design you find in Unreal Tourament or Perfect Dark. Because you can play with friends and have the selectable missions. (Wait for Metroid Prime 8/10) (posted November 06, 2002 7:30PM)

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