Monday, February 03, 2003

Gamecube - Sonic Mega Collection review


Developer : Sonic Team

A.) 12 Sonic games from Genesis including minigames

Publisher: Sega

B.) hours of classic sonic

Released on Nov. 13, 2002

B.) Movies of Sonic CD

Type - 2D Platform

This collection is released by Sega / Sonic Team. I admit, I have never seen Sonic on another console besides a Sega product. You can tell that this game was a merchandize gimmic. People who love classic Sonic the Hedgehog games will buy it. I bought it, that says a lot about me. My favorite game in this package is Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This game was the fastest Sonic game. People know it as the most detailed Sonic game of the trilogy plus Sonic & Knuckles. I played this game on Gens, the Sega Genesis emulator for Windows. It is the most straight forward, action packed of all those sonic games on Genesis.

Sonic 3D Blast makes me dizzy. But unlike Genesis / Saturn, you have a joystick to make the correct turn. It is in 3D, but not in real 3D. I honestly thought I would never see Sonic 3D Blast ever again after it was vanished from stores after Sega Saturn got sacked by Playstation. As for the game you get 11 complex levels. Sonic Blast 3D is about Sonic going to from A to B without bumping the sides. Side bumping will meant death to Sonic. Sonic 3D Blast was horribly unplayable. On the technical side, it featured Sonic the Hedgehog it the most graphical Sega Genesis game ever produced. To it's credit, it was not the worst Sonic game to date. Partly because Genesis had no joystick attached to the system. Most people thought Sonic 3D Blast as a runner up to Super Mario 64. The 32 bit Saturn version was a little more polished. Now that I can play it with a joystick with out worrying about that blasted D-pad on the Saturn controller.

Summing up Sonic Mega Collection



Simple Sega Genesis layout. Your in old school games now.



This game takes full control of D-pad.



Sonic the Hedgehog as he was before the Sega retro-fitted him into what he is today -- a disc jockie. It's a inside joke for us mature gamers. You won't see these games again except on Gameboy Advance and "Sega Classics" on pc.



Sonic's arch enemy, and the man behind the mask, Dr. Robotnik stars in all Sonic's games.



I like the orginal Sonic games for now because I've grown up pass the Sonic Adventure mumbo jumbo. It's good and I like the 2D graphics.

Over all, I think this game is a step in the right direction as Sonic games go. They brought back Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It has the best Midi I seen in Sonic the Hedgehog games. So with a "ultrasonic" techno track, you can enjoy this game too. I won't recommend this game to any user. But if you use to play Sonic the Hedgehog, this isn't a bad deal. Depending how you look at a 10 year old game, of course. And this may be the best game featuring Sonic ever released in the last 6 years. (posted April 15, 2003)

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