Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Changed Geocities webpage again

Other news that happened this week and I got my midterm grade and it happens to be Bs. School's not terrible. I'm having fun in technolegy class. Chris Crow is very entertaining. His speeches do a lot for the room. I'm learning Power Point and Microsoft Word. What do you think of that! I still go to Indian Technical college in River Falls. I wanted to drop out, but that can't happen because I need the credit to graduate this year.

And when my friend, Chuck came over to visit and play games, I couldn't play Unreal Tourament 2003, so we played the Unreal Tournament instead. So at first it was this too gory for me, but I found that later on I got use to it. I found Deck 16 ]i[ off the Internet. The map rules. It actually looks like the old version for Unreal Tournament. (Most popular UT map of all time)

Later that night I found the 3 disc set in my cd case. I wasn't looking hard enough.

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