Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Gamecube - Super Mario Sunshine review


Dolby Pro Logic II sound.
B.) High Resolution Mario.
C.) 10 worlds with 16 minigames.
D.) Healthy gameplay mechanics.
E.) One big headache playing the same objective over and over again.

We might of guessed it already but Mario on Gamecube. Every child in Walmart wants a copy like they wanted Sonic Adventure 2. Then why did an adult like I go out and buy a copy. One reason I can think of ... Mario. I grew up with the NES. I played Super Mario Bros franchise through LoppyNES on the PC. Like the most of us who got suck in buying a Gamecube because we all thought that "Nintendo will do it again" dispite the tight grip Sony has with all their good exclusive titles. I had to put this into concept because Nintendo does like to advertise Mario on the Internet I've commented on in my
September 02 article.

| Story |

I hate to wreak Mario's good name but the story in Mario Sunshine has to be the weakest story I read in a platform game.
Gex : Enter the Gecko being the worst of them all in my opinion. Mario saves Peach from a wacko Mario look-a-like who jumps around with a paint brush and leaves paint splats though out Super Mario Sunshine . Mario is on vacation in a warm tropical climate. I can say that Nintendo wanted more water in this game. In someways the story this plain sucks. (Story 5/10)

| Backgrounds |

The development team who created this game did a very good job re-creating
Super Mario Sunshine like the well liked Super Mario 64. More the gamecube, this platformer is the crispist ever seen on Gamecube. With the exception of some low-resolution textures made up for wall textures. Ok, so their is nothing wrong with Nintendo's textures. Nintendo could of made them 3D. My concept score would soar without a doubt. I can't say that they are bad because this game ranks higher then Crash Bandcaiot 4 and probably slighly better the Rareware's Star Fox Adventures. Nintendo had slightly better tools then the UK developer could hope for. The water effects are well above average for a game of this magitude. I will be waiting for the GCN port of Rayman 3 and Star Fox Adventures to see what they play like. (Graphics 9.5/10 | Concept Art 6.5/10)

| "Shine Get" |

I like the locations of Shines in the game. All are spread out. There would be 150 in total. It is impossible for someone to get all shines without a stradegy guide. The writers at Gamefaqs are having a hard time finding all shines in the game. Playing the sequel is harder when getting 100 coins in each world. Having spent a week playing this game I haven't a clue how to get 100 coins in all those worlds. The coins are so stread out. Some coins are even hidden from the player. That takes the fun out right there. But in terms of gameplay, Mario can reach a lot of required Shines with his water pack. That is true to 9 out of 10 Shines.

Shines easily conquered - 30 Shines

Shines approached 3-5 times 70 Shines

very difficult Shines - 50+ Shines (including all hidden
Shines and all shines in the blasted air strip at very beginning)

(random quests 9/10)

| Sound |

The caravel music is childish but alright. All the music in this game fits the setting. If I was to change the music, I would change it to MIDI sounding remixes. I would associate with a professional musician who knows music from the back of his head.
(Sound 8/10)

| Conclusion |

Super Mario Sunshine would be a good game for an audiance 8 - 15. The game does have a good all around gameplay. No level is lesser then another. Buy it if you want too. The game looks like the top ten of all gamecube games. Before making a final decision check out Star Fox Adventures. Star Fox Adventures is said to be a Legend of Zelda clone on Gamecube.

(posted September 24, 2002) v1.1 Spell Check Scan.

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