Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Gamecube - Star Wars - Rogue Squadron II review

A.)fully licensed game
B.) great story line.

C.) 20 missions to play

D.) depending on skill level the game will stress you on time and accuracy

I personally wasn't a favorite of the first Rogue Squadron game. The game was way too difficult to be fun. In the second game made isn't so hard. One of the reasons that help ease the load off is your allies actually don't piss you off by not doing anything. They do help when you order them to fight on their own. And they do a nice job on their own. When I have a Tie on my tail I this as them to form up. This works well because Reinforcements are minimized as I do my the stage's objective.

The graphics are really good in this game. Some effects include shine off the X Wings on a Flyby maneuver. Others is that space is filled with Supernovas, Planets, comets. Detailed cargo ships. Gamecube looks pretty nice on a regular television, but looks especially nice on HDTVs. The images show off their full potential when you have a full digital connection between the Cube and HDTV. All of the work put in Rogue Leader to make the enemies hard to shoot down, sound effects that are accurate and allies who have a balance between taking the enemy down and asking you what to do. Well I guess Factor 5 put this in the 'code' so your allies will be with you when you forget to tell them to bug TIE Fighters. No scenes from Star Wars Episode I. Factor 5 mixed this with Battle for Naboo for Nintendo 64 and it didn't make much sense to people.

Game play in Rogue Leader

Your ships are very responsive. But so is your enemy. Piloting your A wing is no trouble but targeting the enemy becomes most difficult. This is why. You must line your target meter where the enemy is going to be not where he is. I had trouble remembering this. In fact this is probably the main reason you'll lose. In this game if you don't take down the enemy he'll get reinforcements and you'll take damage. If you master targeting you pretty much beat the game. Sure enemies can get harder but that's when you move the settings up. For our first time, you should get through the first 4 missions easily.


Buy this game if you enjoy the Star Wars genre. From what I heard this game is one of the better ones out. Obi Wan for Xbox didn't get a very good score but Stairways Star Fighter for the PS2 / Xbox is basically the same game. (posted April 27, 2002)

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