Sunday, February 16, 2003

Gamecube - FIFA 2002 review


Most developers will find its going to be hard to crack this near perfect Gamecube title. EA Sports made use of this version. Nintendo this happen to get a winner in the soccer field. With the exception of already having some of the best graphics in a sports game. EA also hosted two announcers which speak 300 sentences and can announce 1000 different players who play with over 400 professional teams.


You'll find it easy to score goals against the keeper in amateur setting. I don't watch professional soccer but a soccer game is the best sports game you can buy with your money, I think. For one thing it doesn't require coaching. American Football requires a lot of it. Instead I can focas on scoring goals. Once you get into the professional settings you will get your ass kicked. Trust me, its not an easy task. Since the first soccer games that where made in 3D.developers like EA have gotten to modify them to the point that made them more accurate with better all around players, better all around effects, better all around modes. If you go through the games tutorial, you'll learn many things. The key to winning games is practicing against them as you play against another. I don't play this enough to get great at this game so I'm not the one to practice. If you can lobb successfully you'll beat the normal difficulty easily. I could never lobb successfully. But for many people to keep the game fun, you might wanna remember to restart if your opposite is 3 or 4 goals ahead. In a real soccer game, you already lost.


FIFA 2002 and Soccer Jam (Sega's cartoonist version of soccer) are the only soccer titles out. FIFA 2002 is going to be your first choice and will probably stay that way for sometime. EA Sports created a game worthy of ownership here. gave this title a 8.9 out of 10. But in my opinion, its deserves more credit. The game is very fun besides the fact that I'm a soccer fan. I say the best games are expedition games or as the announcer quotes, "A friendly, nothing up for grabs game including *so and so*. (posted 04/27/2002)

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