Friday, February 07, 2003

Gamecube - Eternal Darkness review

A.) Dolby Pro Logic II sound
B.) 30-40 hours of gameplay
C.) hard-to-beat zombies / monsters
D.) 12 playable characters all with different stories and different fighting styles
E.) 1 harsh difficulty
F.) huge amount of detail, not in polygon amount, but objects showing at once.
G.) fully acted story line. And very good acting
H.)Options to have HDTV recognization.

Silicon Knights created Eternal Darkness, the first game since the 2000 release of Inhuman on Playstation. The team had a N64 version of Eternal Darkness going at its full benchmark capacity. Then Nintendo wanted to port it entirely to Gamecube.

I've been wondering about the story. Its not excellent, but not bad compared to the extremely large Final Fantasy and Resident Evil series. The story spans 2000 years. How else would you conquer the world, other then kill nearly all heroes in the game. But this story wasn't snapped together, it must of took a good 6 months with minor improvements along the way. But regardless of the story, every line is spoken out from what I heard -- real movie actors. It think I've heard Matt Damon as one of the characters! (story 9.5/10 )

Gameplay is nothing to complain about. The battle system is right on the money. Select the part of your opponent and he dies. Plenty of spells in this game, none wasted. In the third chapter I've found 1 spell that fixes items and enchants swords. As the game goes on, the ability to shield your character is a life-saver. However in most cases when fighting a boss, you have a lot of melee combat. Sometimes you injure yourself as much as him. So backing up and waiting for after the attack is what keeps you alive.

It so happens that all the dead heroes in Eternal Darkness were either cast away by Pious or doomed to age in a spell like Anthony. Was he right or wrong ? He must have been right if he was included amongst the playable characters. One of the toughest enemies I had to encounter were horrors whom attack the head. If you don't get them off in allotted time, they'll take over and the game ends. They can be damned to hell but not easily. (gameplay 8.5/10)

Sound in Eternal Darkness is mostly creeks, knocks on doors, extranominal sounds coming from places you wouldn't want to be in. Yes it fits well with the scene. Don't get spooked know, it's only a game. The game pumps out dolby pro logic II which makes everything sound more livelier. Much like what Winamp does to MP3s. I give the sound effects in this game a creepy 9 of 10. (sound 9/10 )

Eternal Darkness isn't a platform but if you like platform games, get Eternal Darkness. It's only single player so rent it then play it. You can buy the game but mostly I don't think it's a quick enough. (replay value 7/10) (posted August 29, 2002)

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