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Gamecube - Legend of Zelda Wind Waker review


Developer : Nintendo

A.) High Resolution young Link, what more can you ask for.

Publisher : EAD (Nintendo 1st Party House)

B.) Game play built around the Orcania of Time engine. don't know all the ways it improved, but the "Z targeting battle system" is back!

Released on March 24, 2003

C.) New technolegies never seen in Orcadia of Time on N64 or Gamecube.

Type : Role Playing Game

It's suppose to be Legend of Link, not Legend of Zelda. To set everybody straight, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros, who directed and helped publish all of the game you see. From Gamecube's best looking games to real time game machanics, we was in charge. Except he is one of the most respected videogame designers in the industry. He had competition from Squaresoft, who also put a burden on him to make the best game possible. The Wind Waker had about 150 Japanese on staff putting everything together. Other games he was lead designer for were Super Mario Sunshine, Metriod Prime, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmon and Super Smash Bros. I own 4 of the 5 listed. He believed that most of his work is teaching developers how he wants in his games. When Orcania of Time came out for the N64, it was undeniably Shigeru Miyamoto's biggest achievement (Game Informer Magazine). Legend of Zelda became one of those RPGs with very high statist such as Final Fantasy. Now the entertainment industry is seeing "The Wind Waker" reach the same success as Orcania of Time did 5 years ago. When you turn on your Gamecube system and play this game, what your seeing is the most detailed role playing game ever on a videogame system.

This game is cell shaded like Rayman 3, another platform game for Gamecube. Some people liked Rayman because it is a cross between Super Mario 64 and Spyro the Dragon. In my opinion I liked Rayman 2, but ever finished it. Rayman got to frustrating to finish. Super Mario Sunshine was a good example on how development delays get games in trouble. Apparently Nintendo gave Miyamoto enough time to finish The Wind Waker and he made the control really tight, which is a good thing. I was a bit worried that the transformation of The Wind Waker wouldn't have the same 'tight' control as the N64 versions had. Nintendo fixed the camera. There are so many platform games that the camera is a problem, not true in this game!

I am a moderate RPG fan, meaning I'm not a diehard fan, but rather collect games because I know they are good. I beat'n Orcania of Time for my N64 twice. I feel like a couch potato telling you that! I never play RPGs twice. It was a well organize RPG. It also was very long. So on the third time I quit. Link was well equipped with bows and swords to battle the final boss. It took me a while to defeat the final boss (after I found Zelda in the final moments of the game.) I barely remember the ending when Link and Zelda kiss. It makes you wonder what this game would be like of Nintendo switched over to a opinial disc platform rather then cartridge format. The graphics look better. Yet Zelda fans still do, on the Gamecube ever since the bonus disc was released a month ago. Nintendo actually was going to release Orcadia of Time as a separate release, but they included it. So we still get to see the game in high resolution.

Ok, when you first play this game, you are actually playing Orcania of Time 100 years after Link of the past defeated Galden the Great. But the evil has returned as the World is enhibitated by mutant hogs who we also saw after the magical woods. As the gamer pictures Hyrule Plains again in The Wind Waker, remodeled in high resolution, he must get very excited. If that is not the most exciting aspect of the game, it is certainly one of the exciting. Mean while you get to use stealth tatics that were in Orcadia of Time, that maze in the woods near the beginning is a good example. In the beginning when your on the island, you find that the village folk don't have time for you! And that means that your adventure is set for Link and no one will interfere with his journey to save his sister. Another tweak, Miyamoto achieved was that the music is that of earlier games like orginal Legend of Zelda theme remix from the NES and the Neverending Woods theme from Orcania of Time. I guess I don't know, your not listening to midi form music from the pass, but CD quality audio! The new songs also enhanced by Gamecube's Dolby Digital Pro Logic II.

Summing up The Wind Waker



Layout is very good. A lot of detail. Very good framerate. Lot's of magic effects. More magic seen in previous installments. All cell-shaded game through and through.



If you can tell the difference between this game and Orcadia of Time, email me. It's that good.



How did Nintendo stumble onto this fairy tale business? It was a very good idea. I hear that cell shading characters are the edge in Japan. I am still making up my mind if I like it or not.



Nintendo's version of Lord of the Rings.



I'll get through it once and then find something new.

If you ever look at The Wind Waker, or will buy this game on release, you'll find that this game is very complete with the orginal world of Orcania of Time and then some more. You hear that Legend of Zelda has so much in common with the Nintendo 64 game on the Internet. Remember, while most of these Internet / Nintendo junkies don't have much of a life, I do. I say that it has good control simplually because Nintendo made it good. Why am I the only guy who doesn't copy The Wind Waker from other websites. What I do know is Wind Waker is even larger then Orcania of Time. It's ovbious. N64 games had a repetation of not being very long. Legend of Zelda is separate from most RPGS because your weapon is the weapon that you'll use well into the game. It's not like Neverwinter NIghts were you find newer weapons and they do the extra edge you want to kill off all your enemies. Not true in The Wind Waker. You first have a short sword and a shield. Link is a Halfing, not a Half-Orc Barbarian. He shows he's not that barbaric, yet he gets away with a lot of one on one fighting. It's a funny concept that we see in Legend of Zelda, this boy they call Link has 3 times as much life of his components do. But lets not forget, Legend of Zelda is suppose to be somewhat of a fairy tale. I'd like to see Link in a breast plate. And he gets enough protection without a breast plate, which is weird. I hope Nintendo is making another Legend of Zelda before Gamecube dies. It'll be another cell-shaded masterpiece! (article posted March 24, 2003 4:30PM

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