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Gamecube - Star Fox Adventures review


A.) Dolby Pro Logic II sound.

Developer : Rareware

B.) Super Dupper Adventure.

Publisher - Nintendo.

C.) 2 playable characters.

Released on Sept. 23, 2002

D.) misson based game.

type - Adventure

We could have had a very clean, very fun title from Rareware. But we found out that that fun was only a myth. I Now we find ourselves trapped in Nintendo platform games. Star Fox Adventures lifts off as a Oricania of Time clone but Star Fox is still alittle out of its way. Don't expect a great game here. I've seen the game and Gamecube has matured with it's graphics in this game. This game has high resolution textures all through the game. You can see rushing water, rain, snow. What comes with it is good loading times between levels. The supporting cast has shadows which give the game an edge. However I feel like an idoit trying to enjoy Star Fox since Fox McCloud is acting like macho. But then again you can't blame Rare for that, they had an disadvantage in the voice department. For that I give them respect. Heck, Resident Evil voice acting is a simple match against Star Fox.

| Story |

Star Fox Adventures takes place 8 years after Star Fox 64. Slippy and Peppy are grown up into seniors. Falco has left the team. Fox McCloud has the main role. Star Fox appears in Dinosaur Planet, whom has been taken over by General Scales. He appears thoughout the game. But mischiefly scrams to another hiding place. Fox has three jobs A.) find 4 warpstones. B.) able to complete the game and go head to head with General Scales. C.) Find Tricky whom sometimes get captured. You'll never see your self backtracking. Tricky the dinosaur is usally The warpstones allow Fox to gain access to new stages. He must save Crystal, a prisoner of her home planet. So Fox and his sidekick helps him discover new ways to move ahead.

| Sound |

Sound in this game I believe is in dead middle. We have tunes that sound like Legend of Zelda. But it also sounds like the Rayman franchise too. Fox can give many combat sounds. It "sounds" like Rare done that part right with Fox. Hy-yah and yah mostly. (sound - 7/10)

| Combat System |

The combat system is appoved before. Not bad because it's popularity in well known games. The staff is always used half way through the game. But when it gets down to it all, all your really doing is a lot of button mashing. When you think of many combat arrangements -- you would "button mash" Yeah controling Fox is easy enough for a 12 year old to get the hang of it. I wanted something a bit more advanced. I never did get into deep combat. But I can see how Rare went around the problem of being cornered and over-powered by fighting one enemy at a time. I save the game often Fox McCloud has never been in a situation I couldn't instead shut the machine off and start over. (combat 8/10)

Conclusion is Star Fox Adventures you can grow out of the moment your mature and go see a "Rated R movie" for the first time. This because Star Fox is in it, doesn't mean that you should be over-joyed and spend 50 bucks on this game. *Sigh* The advantages of having a Playstation 2. Playstation 2 is kicking our butts in platforming games. What to do? ....what to do? (overall 7/10)

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