Sunday, February 09, 2003

Gamecube - Resident Evil Zero review

A.) prerendered backgrounds and Cinema like FMU
B.) Rebecca and Billy team up and do double damage.
C.) The chapter before the well known Resident Evil chapter first played on Playstation.

Oh joy. The second Resident Evil game is avalible. It plays well and also looks good. This game isn't amongst my favorite on Gamecube. So far I only played 3 hours into this game. In easy mode everything is plentaful and I haven't died yet. Remember Resident Evil is all about shooting zombies. Neither Billy or Rebecca get infected with the T-Virus. Zombie smarts are even as good as the Resident Evil remake. Perhaps Rebecca will appear again in Resident Evil 5. We know that the newest Resident Evil game featuring Leon is debutting sometime next Winter.

Gathering items and walking around is all apart of Resident Evil. It is common for the gamer to get the item he/she needs and backtracks to the beginning and use the item. Sometimes using the item makes other things in the game happen. Every thing is labeled and alot of times Capcom gives you directions on how and where to use the item. A good example would be the hookshot found in the beginning. (Concept 10/10)

Control is fairly simple in this game. It's not smooth as silk but neither is dodging zombies. Most of the time the zombie gets you and draws blood. Too much blood with obviously kill you. Shooting the weapons are easy. Point and shoot. The games difficulty controls how strong the enemy is. If you switch the game to normal or hard you'll most likely run out of ammo. If you are afraid of dieing because of lack of ammo you should try the awesome easy mode. I highly recommend this mode because chances are you'll out last the game and have fun doing so. (Control 9/10)

I have many games in my archives at home but the story keeps me interested to hand pick this game to play. If the Dreamcast won't freeze up when playing RE2, RE3 or Code Veronica -- I would probably be excited to play them. But since I have a bad experience with the Dreamcast, I haven't got much into the series. (Replay Value 7/10)

First of all I realize that many gamers play this game because gore and blood is cool. You may want to pick up games like FIFA 2002, Metroid Prime or Star Fox Adventures before trying this game for there superior quality. But if you are wanting to pick up a Mature game, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil are good solid choices. If the game was 30 dollars instead of 50 I would rate this game 9/10. (Collection Value 7/10)

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