Monday, December 22, 2003


Date: 12/22/03 at 3:18PM

Mood: Tired and lazy

In my opinion, Windows XP is a great operating system to have, but isn’t Microsoft charging to much for it? I have Windows XP Home on one PC and Windows XP Pro on the other. Windows 98 was also the ideal operating system to pirate because you didn’t need a crack to install it on multiple computers unlike that latest version of Windows. WinXP Home isn’t that much, only 100 bucks. WinXP Professional makes you cash out 200. Is that fair? Microsoft also has its XBOX bundle for 170 dollars, and that’ll cost meless then their Windows XP PRO. It’s near insanity how much Microsoft charges for their OS. But I already own a Xbox so that problem doesn't concern me any. Most of you must agree with me on this. The big question I always asked myslef is, Windows worth as much as it is? All the consumer gets is a upgrade disk. The full Windows Pro runs even more. The faulty deal consumers get when they buy Compaq or HP is that they don’t get an upgrade installation disc with their PC. What happens if you want to reformat your hard drive? Even worst, what happens if you don't even own Windows 98? And if you want Windows 2000, which is actually an earlier version of Windows, you will have to cash out an extra 300 dollars. Sure there are cracks on the Internet that will allow you to bypass the activation code, but doing so is wrong. I haven’t seen much difference between Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I play with Windows 2000 at school. I know there are some differences. Both both have NT file system. Windows 2000 has a better firewall, but I just use the Norton Firewall. Lucky for me, my dad had an extra Windows XP PRO lying around our house.

So, you forget Microsoft all together and run Linux *open source* OS with the latest free version of Winex, a program allowing you to run Windows Games on Linux by emulating the Windows kernel on Linux much like MS-DOS is emulated. WineX Website >> << There is not much you can do with Linux except surf the Internet and play MP3s. All the cool software is available for Windows. I hope one day WineX can emulate all Windows programs (and games), and one day make Microsoft lower it’s price on Windows because then everybody would soon realize Linux would be better. I take it that not all PC owners know that Linux exsists. Now, Wine can only emulate 33% of my Windows Programs, and still does a crappy job on emulating Diablo 2, but I can see that it does work. I wanted to see if Unreal Tournament runs good on it. I run Suse Linux 8.2 at home. I wonder what Project Greenhorn will be like? This is next generation Windows. This was why I did a Google search on it.

As for the rest of the day, it’s gotten very boring. None of my friends had the day off today, so I downloaded a few desktop themes mainly Final Fantasy VII, one Counter Strike desktop theme and one Legend of Dragoon desktop theme. I change desktop themes every month. Stayed home most of the day. Worked on the mod some. It's coming along. I wish I had feedback on it.

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