Monday, December 29, 2003

Couldn't wait until 2004 to buy some games

Date: 12/29/03 at 2:15AM

This will be my last entry of the year 2003. I will always remember 2003 as the year I took two college courses and passed, and then re-took them over again just to make sure I was good at it. These courses included Intro to DOS, and my favorite, Intro to Linux. We where trained on Redhat Linux Professional 7.1. Both classes are required courses for someone wanting to be an industrial network specialist. I joined WITC 3 months after I graduated from HS. I got immediately transferred after high school to another college. College is cool, but I have too few of friends. I feel that people going to my classes aren’t really my type. That’s not bad though since Bob and I hang out once every too weeks. I also remember this being the year I bought 3 videogame systems this year, a ps2, a psone, and xbox and one handheld. I bought countless games. Much more then I should of. I just got today – a Game Boy Advance SP. The unit is really small and that alone amazes me. I had a GBA since 2000, which I barely played, except in high school. Now that I’m a ‘mature’ adult, I have places to go, people to see, no time for Gameboy Advance. I am a bit wiser then I was in high school. I plan ahead, and budget my money, although it is mostly spent on gas and videogames. I also mentioned what else I spent money on if you spent close attention to my blog.  I do now because I’m on Christmas Break. I don’t work. Gameboy Advance SP cost me 100 bucks. I’m broke as of now. I was going to get an Atari 2600 because its old school. I could have such “immortal” classic games like Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Pacman, Defender, Pitfall Harry, and Tron. Then the NES has improved graphics with the same ports. Improved sound for that matter. I almost forgot about my own GBA because I hardly even play it. GBA games are more expensive that’s what kept throwing me off. It was suppose to be awesome in the early 80s until the NES kicked it in the arse. The NES ruled from 1985 - 1991. I have a friend who owns a NES. With “immortal” classics like Super Mario Bros, I thought I going to own a NES. Then I soon realized at an early age, why spend money on outdated NES or SNES when I can have a “3D game machine.” (I wanted my own copy of Super Mario 64 really badly partly because I was only 12 at the time, and I thought N64 was cool.) Everyone else in the grade seemed to have either a Playstation or N64. Back when I was 12, I thought N64 was a huge gift for a Christmas present. I remember being over joyd at the site of owning it. My first two games where Star Fox 64 and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.) Games I want for NES are Super Mario Bros. 1&3, Final Fantasy, Spy Hunter, Mega Man 1,3,4,6. It seems like a used NES will always be available if I eventually get one, but it stopped me because the graphics are so bad now, and I can play it on the PC through emulation anyway. After getting the latest GBA handheld, I don’t think I need a NES. I can go to a game specialist store any time, and buy any used GBA game I want. I realize that GBA games are somewhat more expensive then the old NES. Having the controller makes the experience more real. I can buy most of those games for GBA anyway. Plus GBA out sells PS2 3 to 1, I was beginning to wonder why. I disbelieve that Pokemon does all that!

Today I installed Unreal Tournament 2003 on all three of my computers. I can still kick ass in the skilled experience level. I have a small local area network (LAN) up and running. I was going to get the Xbox version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Christmas. I originally wanted the PC version because said it not only looked better, it had more stuff, and was longer. The two versions both had a 9.2/10 rating. The game was rated the Best Xbox RPG and Xbox Game of the Year by, and Best Xbox RPG by Game Informer Magazine. It will be nice playing it on a fast Pentium 4 with a ATI RADEON 9800 and 1 GByte RAM :D. The game is made by the makers of Neverwinter Nights, Bioware.

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