Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I'm downloading DIVX codec for the first time!

Original Date: 12/3/03 at 12:30AM

I headed over to and downloaded Dr. Divx for my PC. Not that I'm going to edit video soon, but I wanted to see DIVX decoded in it's codec in action.In fact Internet Concepts was talking about different Codec to encode movies. If it does work and encode in AVI then I can bring it up in class. Imagine if you had a uncompressed "Desktop Video" about 2 hours, it would be below 650 MB compressed. Now I found out that the most common desktop video codec was AVI. I ran AVI and it can store a minute of video, very small screen with sound for about 550KB. Imagine how DIVX could work with streaming video. It's about half as small as most MPEGs and you can record a whole DVD movie on a CDR. Imagion how much video you can fit on a 4.7 G DVDR!!! Playstation 3 is going to read DVDRs so maybe it'll be able to read MPEG 4 & DIVX. My PS2 makes screeching sounds when I play movies. It's like a version 1.1 PS2. The first ones didn't have a system fan, this one does.

Anyway I found some freeware software. The selection is a little slim I might add. There is CrazyRIP ( which supposedly detects a movie playing and rips it to AVI encoded in Divx. It looks highly customizable and you don't need extra software. Next is DVD2AVI. It looks simple and rips streaming mpegII or MPV. Next choice requires anyone to download several files that plugin a program called Claddvd. ( I've been saving the best DIVx all-in-one package available off the Internet for last called K-lite codec pack. (

School is going good so far, no problems really exist, or not the ones I wasn't to express on this page. Most of them are weak voices that I think I hear such as I know I can get every question right on my next quiz without studying in Internet Concepts. I like to think that I can but I really can't. It's the undeniable truth. Yep, I'm still downloading techno, country MP3s off the schools T1 server. What everyone else sees is my streaming audio, but I'm ripping that audio stream to the harddrive, and downloading it from the PC to my MP3 player I got on Nov. 01, 02. I must be a little odd in my game choices. I promised myself I wouldn't spend 50 dollars for a game that I would only play for about 20 hours then let it sit. This game from Urisoft (makers of Splitter Cell and Rayman) called Beyond Good and Evil could be my next investment. BGaE is a action adventure game that got good reader reviews for all platforms (that it's for.) It's has Zelda: Wind Waker like graphics and Zelda: Wind Waker type gameplay. I don't know for sure, but I'm thinking I just might own this title. I haven't really played Final Fantasy x-2 lately. I said I was going to be playing that game next. Remember I bought F-Zero GX for Gamecube 3 weeks ago? I haven't played it in about 3 weeks!!! That Action Replay set me back 20 more dollars then it should of. That sucks, and I can't return it because I opened it. Some of the newer games use a newer version of Action Replay. You all may laugh at me, but I cheated on Final Fantasy X-2. The saying "Cheaters never Prosper" applies here since my cheats make FFX-2 freeze. I wanted infinite items on my game. I doesn't make any sense because the codes were straight off!

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