Sunday, December 21, 2003

Star Trek is beginning from it's roots

Date: 12/21/03 at 8:27AM

Many people may not consider me a Star Trek fan or “Trekkie” as they are now beginning to find themselves a dying breed. However, I have today familiarized myself with the Star Trek timeline at Paramount Pictures has disparately tried to keep the Star Trek franchise a float entering the 21st century on their UPN TV Network. Knowing now how outdated Star Trek in the 1960s was. I was a fan of watching the last years of Star Trek Voyager. Anyway go to this link, it’s most interesting. Star Trek: Enterprise has, for sure, bent the rules just to stay current to what we know think the future will be. The link http://www.startrek..../episode/121932.html you are about to read is about the first episode of newest Star Trek TV series, Enterprise, which dates 90 years after the Enterprise-E was sent back in time in the movie, Star Trek: First Contact. It is about the best summery of the beginning of Star Trek that you can have or from what I ever read in my life. Back when human-kind was limited by Vulcan technology. We were only 2nd best. Even better the Klingons were even more advanced then we were! The Valcans helped us come up with Warp 5 when we were still only capiable of Warp 1 for the longest time period.

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