Monday, December 15, 2003

I recently reopened my Battlenet account ....

Orginal Date: 12/15/03 at 10:42AM

Neverwinter Nights is a midevil computer role playing game released 1.5 years ago by Bioware, the creators of Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox / PC. I play online for the first time in four months. I bought the two expansions, Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark. Right now I’m getting into HotUD. There are some who prefer HotUD over SoU, but I agree with both of them. See, Neverwinter Nights is about a 40 hour game and most people play 5 hours online at the most (like me) which means they won’t get to the ending unless it’s their server. Both expansions have their own 15+ hour campaign. The game is as fun as Diablo 2 was – though I still play it online. It’s wonderful not to have a game that crashes! I remember back in Version 1.21 (one year ago) that the game barely managed to work. And it’s really fast on a modem now. Get this game it’s really fun to talk to people – sometimes. Make sure that your computer doesn’t get window popups because they’ll bug me and you.

When I went to Wal-mart to get Shadows of the Undrentide expansion, it was too crowded. It reminds me on how bad this time of year is. And I live in a smaller part of the country with about 2200 people.

I told readers last month that I was an ex-diablo 2 player. Now I’m back online. It’s fun for the amount of time I spent on it. I still see Diablo 2 at Wal-mart so it must still be popular. I bought by copy in 2000 and the expansion when it came out for the first time. I find that Amazons are the most fun to play. Although I like Barbarians too. They just specialize in Weapons and are the easiest to level I think. Now with the 1.10 patch, Diablo 2 has really accelerated. Within the first 15 minutes you’re at level four. You noticed that all Dungeon and Dragons games are a like. It’s not apart of the “Forgotten Realms” like all of Bioware’s games are. It’s much darker then Neverwinter Nights. The graphics are bad, but it’s still playable.

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