Sunday, December 28, 2003

PS2 makes me focased, but it makes school less ent | Date: 12/8/03 at 2:15AM

Sorry about the lack of updates. Playstation 2 makes me more focased, but makes school less interesting. I been working on homework. I was noglecting my webpage a bit. Semester is almost over at WITC. I dropped a few classes so it wouldn't go on my record. I have struggled through the electricity aspect of school. With computers, I also need to know how to use electricity, being there are many regulations on numbers of pcs, power sources, servers, that can be in one room. Everything has to come off the IEEE standard. As for my pesonal life ....

I finally got Kingdom Hearts for the PS2. I haven't played it yet. Kingdom Hearts combines Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10 and Disney characters in one game in a role playing game type fashion. What I should of done was buy Kingdom Hearts new, but I paid used, and got a game disk but no manel. The game is made by Squaresoft, and it got good reviews from some of Bob's friends. I'll review it here at this website soon. I'm going to return it tomorrow, and see if I can't get it new. I'm not going to play it until I finish Final Fantasy X-2. I'm almost done with Chapter 1. There are a lot of side quests in FF X-2, but I see it as I can play it straight through.

I went over to my friend Bob's place. His parents just bought him a Playstation 2 a week ago and the only game he got was ATV offroad racing. It's as I thought, newer Playstations have a newer version of drivers. I didn't know that the new PS2s have a modem adapter on them. Not that it was any different then mine. He likes Mature games. I asked him if he likes Summoner or Baldur's Gate Deadly Alliance. He came over 2 days ago where we went to a Game Store. I said buy Final Fantasy X, because it was a really cool game. He didn't want Stuntman, Spiderman or Rune. He ended up buying Baldur's Gate. It so happened that I owned it for Xbox and we played Baldur's Gate, he liked it too. Bob said he's getting the GTA Double Pack for X-mas. I let him barrow GTA Vice City, Madden 2002, and Devil May Cry for a week. I don't get a lot of time to play games with other people so it was great playing Madden with a friend. I was rusty. I lost to the Packers 21 Vikings 20. He owned Madden 64 so he knew Madden more then I. In 2000, I bought NFL 2K on Dreamcast, but that's 3 years ago already! However we played NFL-Europe teams .... and the Dragons (Me) won against the Claymores (him) 7 -5. We got even!

Bob has a speaker system that he hooks up to his computer that had Dolby Digital Pro Logic II and the surround speakers and it sounded great. I wasn't heart pumping, but it did sould better then two generic pc speakers. I then thought, hmm, I could get a tv tuner for my computer and play Playstation 2 on it. Higher resolution display makes it worth it to him. I'm getting my other pc fixed, installing a new motherboard. I was either going to get a new harddrive or tv tune. and I don't know which one is better. I don'tneed the space right
now. I bought a 100 Gigabyte harddrive and the I aleady have a slightly slower one installed.

The day before I had nothing to do so I drove over to Randy's house. He and I know each other. He was installing a sub speaker in his truck, but needed a board in cased with fiberglass to support the speakers. He wanted the richest sound he could possibly get without putting a lot of money in it. The sawing noise was *beeping* loud!

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