Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas 2003

Date: 12/25/03 at 1:47PM

Merry Christmas to all bloggers! Well, I liked this Christmas okay, and it is much better then last year. Last year, my parents gave me money to build my own computer. The one that I fried a couple times over. I woke up at 2am in the morning, worked on the website some. Then I played Gran Transimo 3 for a couple hours until my parents woke up. We have a nice tree this year. I didn’t tell you about it. Well, it’s a spur (native to that of Wisconsin) with a lot of ornaments and lights. I only got one Christmas present under the tree, but that’s okay because I also got a third computer. This one is a Dell so I don’t know how well it’ll hold up. I’ll tell you that it’s one of those high end gaming machines. The specs are my secret for now Dad got a 4 year warranty so I better not touch it. I want too, but I will force myself to avoid the goodies if it comes at a cost. We had a bad time with Thunderstorms in the Summer. That time cost me 800 dollars, and that doesn’t count the time mother short circuited both because she had to shut off the electricity. That and the fact that I fied one computer using my hands. All my computers now have surge protectors. They like pay for themselves the first time something goes wrong.

In the past I couldn’t keep my hands out of the PC. I know how to install most everything, except for the processor, which I’m always afraid I’ll crack. If the PC doesn’t turn on, there is a 75% chance I fried the motherboard. In the future, I’m going to build cheap computers, that way I can afford to buy a new motherboard if I screw up. Everything else I can handle. I know where all the wires / cables go. I can flash the bios, and load the OS. Pretty soon I’ll build PCs for my friends for free once I’m 100% sure I can without damaging it.

Actually I have a lot of extra PC hardware lying around. I have extra parts to make one including two 128 MB SDRAM DRR Sticks. One Extra 40 GByte hard drive. One NIC card, one winmodem, one 128 MB XFX Geforce 4 slightly used! (There is a long story about that) One sound card. And a slightly used Athlon XP 1800. The stuff I don’t have is a 160 Volt power box, a Socket A motherboard, and a case (defiantly need one of those.)

Now, I bet you were wondering about how I have a perfectly good graphics card unused? For my Birthday, Dad got me a 256MB Geforce 4 and I didn’t need that Geforce4 anymore. The slowest computer that I have right now can only support up to 64 MB of video ram.


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