Saturday, December 20, 2003

And I thought N64 was dead

Date: 12/20/03 at 6:14AM

Remember N64, the console that could have made it big if only the cartridge cost was less for the consumer. Nintendo is bringing N64 back in form of IQue. IQue is the Entire N64 gaming system packaged in one controller. It can be called the world’s first 64-MB handheld! I wish it was released here in the USA. It’s going to be released very cheaply in China, Korea and South America. I hope this Nintendo product doesn’t flop like the Virtual Boy did. Nintendo also leaked information that their next generation console is coming out in November 2004, but I disbelieve it. I had my eye on a new PS3 when it comes in the USA in 2005. I might also get a NES5 in 2006 just because of the quality of the first party games. You know, when I have the extra money…..

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