Monday, December 29, 2003

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Today I am feeling good. I went to where I found my name, ian1984, already listed under the Playstation 2 category. This was my first entry at, and I did not want a bot to list my page on It seems to me that this site has some trade offs. I don't care. That's not so important as what I found at a website called Moveable is an open source blog template that lets you search, categorize, autolink visitors, autoping visitors, and trace his/her route – exactly what Modblog does. I want to upload Moveable Type (MT 2.64) to , but I haven't quite figured out how to make a template I could write on. I know how to load everything, that's not the problem. I'll figure it out sooner or later. I believe it uses php or xml, very unfamiliar territory. If it works in Dreamweaver, I can more then likely figure this one out.

So far I pulled in 14 hits with-in the first 4 hours of my page online. I love this place, I never had this much visitors through Geocities. Just could be the fact that everyone now knows I'm an Eagle Scout. Yep. I camped at temperatures below 32°F without any signs of frostbite. How did I do it? I was taught that you take everything off except for my underwear, climb in my sleepingbag with a winterjacket over me. And stay away from the Fire, I hate getting close to the fire because I always will get cold again when I'm away from it. That way I was slightly more cold then warm, but not sweating in my bag. Cold sweat is the worst. Every scout knows this because it comes right out the hand book.

It was June, two years ago, I also took swimming and life saving merit badges with Life Rank. (I was Patrol Leader that time.) Life saving merit badge was by far the worst. I had to go down 9 feet, save a dummy with team work while doggie pattling (dead man's float vertically) the whole time. You were down there for about 15 – 25 seconds moving around holding your breath. The water up there was about 50 degrees, and I felt numb when I got out. I remember that final weekend up at TrollHaugn Scout Reversation near Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Kayaking and the sailing were fun. Haven't done ither since then.

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