Thursday, December 18, 2003

New NWN Mod I created, it's not release quality

Date: 12/18/03 at 2:20AM

Today, I downloaded the new Neverwinter Nights patch for Hordes of the Underdark. While I was downloading the huge 25MB patch, I went on my other PC and created a Neverwinter Nights mod called “Ian’s Fantasy World.” It’s not release quality for sure. The mod is set in a forest with a 3 goblins grouped together set along a path. The graphics are nwn quality. My mod is meant for starting characters. But I made it easy for myself...I used someone else’s mod to get started. That’s the best part! I know, playing with mods is a waste of time, and perhaps I should use that time to play online. I never was much of an Unreal Tournament mod developer because I play few FPS though I keep updated with the new patches on all my games and downloaded the official map hacks if there are any. And then when I did play online, I died so often, and I just got boring. Believe it or not I was always on the upper half of the score sheet in UT1999. I noticed that lag got better with Ut2003. I could play first person shooters again online. But then theirs the awesome Call of Duty to play online. I don't have it. But I heard it's about the best WWII game out. I have Metal of Honor Allied Assault. I played the demo online at school. Their are a lot of gamers online that can frag a beginner. Everything is fair game, so that's another reason I switched to Diablo 2. It's much more fun to chat with people. Ya? I have all the official map packs for UT2003, and over 2 gigabytes of zipped maps for Unreal Tournament I’ve backed up on cdr. This was back when was free. Why am I telling you this? I once thought I could play all of them, and be a master at Unreal Tournament – frag all my friends. After I found out that none of my friends played games online, I went the opposite direction, and became a big RPG fan both console and PC. At the begining I was a excellent marks man.

If I was to put my new mod online, it would be located at http://www.pressente...~scampbel/nwnmod.exe. I was playing Hordes of the Underdark a bit yesterday night, and then I was playing Diablo 2 for 8 hours straight today. I level upped 22 levels in one day. Playing the game is harder without the map hack I used before. I am now logged as *eyeofamarksman at USEAST Battlenet as a ladder character which means if I don’t play once every 3 days, my account will be deleted. No, I don’t play a PvP character or a level lecher. However, the new patch makes Duriel, Mophisco, and Baal harder. It would have been easier if I got further in the game, but party members kept dropping out of tight situations.

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