Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Dragon Quest IV DS review | 8.5

The DS remake has proven to be fantastic overall, adding graphics and more user-friendly attributes that the NES version sorely lacked. From my standpoint, I dislike the fact that they changed character names and the names of towns / dungeons, but if you've never played it before this won't be an issue. The storyline is incredible for its time and the party system is great. Square-Enix brought many of the items and attributes they have recently showcased in the newer DQ games, which were pleasant surprises. Also, I really like that a Pioneer Town similar to that in DQVII was added, and a bonus dungeon after the game. Both of these just enhance the gameplay. Overall, this is a great game and definitely recommended for any RPG lovers out there. If you're are a fan of the DQ series, this is a must-buy. If you've only ever played Final Fantasy, give DQ a shot!

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