Saturday, October 14, 2000

New Super Mario Bros. Wii | 9

It's a blast from the past. In the 80's you probably played Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Over 19 years have passed since the last 2D-side scrolling installment of the Mario Brothers Series was released on a gaming console, Nintendo now brings you New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

This game is based off of what Nintendo started in 1985. The game play is very similar to Super Mario Brothers 3 and World (SNES). There are One to Four players. This time around Nintendo has you all playing together (cooperative or competitive) - alternating version is not available - no need to wait for your turn to play. You can play as either Mario, Luigi, or 2 different Toads.

This game goes back to Nintendo's and Mario's roots for what jump started the video game industry. If you are familiar with the series you will find many things reminiscent of past mario games, for example:

8 Worlds : SMB, SMB2, SMB3
Flag Ending: SMB
Riding Yoshi: SMBW
Maps for World: SMB3, SMBW
Item House: SMB3
Saving Princess Toadstool: SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMBW
Pipes: SMB, SMBW
Half Way Save Point: SMBW
Koopas Castles: SMB3, SMBW
Items: Mushroom, Firepower, Star

All the characters are back from Bowser to Goomba's, Bullet Bills, Chain Chomps and more.

Game play is the same from earlier versions of Mario Bros series.

New things include:

Add or remove multiplayers while you are playing a game -- no need to quit because someone is tired of playing, add them back in when they want to play or when people come over.

Propeller mario -- shake wiimote to propeller into the sky.
Penguin Mario: Move more freely in water and on ice -- shoot ice balls. Belly slide on snow to kill enemy's.

Ice Mario: Freeze enemy's and use them as a block to jump on.

Star Coins: Use these to unlock hints for each level in Peach's castle.

Super Guide: Die 8 times in one level and watch how to beat it or let the computer beat it for you and move on.

Multiplayer Mode: New as you can lock yourself in a bubble if your friends can not get through a tough section -- and you unlock yourself out of the bubble when you want to play again.

If you die, you come back if you have remaining lives to help the team.

New Modes: Coin Battle -- battle in a level to get most coins.
Free for all -- play any course with your friends.

All in all this game is great if you are new to the Mario Francise, a casual gamer, fan of the original Mario series, multiplayer gaming, and want to have some old school fun. I recommend this game to everyone who owns a Wii. This is what Mario Should have been the first time around. Simply Amazing.

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