Saturday, October 07, 2000

Virtua Fighter 5 | 8.5

Scrubs and button mashers beware. You'll start this game up play for 15 minutes without doing anything worthwhile and go "THIS GAME SUCKS!" and return to your mortal kombat or Dead or Alive. You're just too impatient to learn a quality fighter. You can't just pick this game up and be knock heads. You have to train a bit. Each character has a distinctive style and all the major martial art styles, even some that aren't real martial arts (luchadore and american wrestling) are represented. This game is the most well balanced fighter as well. Unlike most fighters with 2 or 3 really good characters and a mediocre remaining cast, Virtua Fighter 5 contains the most well balanced character roster of any fighter. Attacks that open up the potential for big damage aren't safe and can be punished by evade or after guarding (Usually by throws, Unless the opponent buffers escapes (It can get deeper still).) In the most popular fighting game in America, Tekken 5, big damage moves are safe on block and can lead to boring overly defensive gameplay, with each player dashing back just waiting for whiffed moves. In VF5 if you turtle you're going to get punished. This series isn't for everybody, but it is for those that want the deepest 1 on 1 experience in fighting. The game really shines when playing against other experienced players.

If you think a fighting game needs a storyline or CGI movies then plz pass on this game. The main point of this game is playing to your potential.

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