Saturday, October 14, 2000

Metroid Prime Trilogy | 9.5

This is possibly one of the nicest game collections I've ever purchased. Everything, from the packaging down to the game content itself is top notch, obviously intended to make the fan boys drool. I personally don't care about the collector's aspect of the game. It's nice, but I am more interested in the upgraded controls. I was not disappointed in the least. Much like the Pikmin remake, the upgraded controls rejuvenate the experience.

Most of this review focuses on this product as a collector's pack or compilation since there is an abundance of good reviews on each of the individual games. For anyone who hasn't played any of the Metroid Prime series of games, here's a really quick summary. You play as Samus Aran, a bounty-hunter in a power suit that must save the galaxy from immense and epic danger. THREE TIMES! The game is played from a first-person perspective, and althought you kill a lot of Space Pirates with a variety of weapons, it is quite different from many FPS titles out there. Exploration of the environment and discovery of clues, countless upgrades, intense platforming sections, and backtracking to find new paths are the name of the game. In my opinion, the Metroid Prime series is possibly the only FPS title out there that really manages to get platforming right. Almost never do the jumps feel cheap or impossible, even when they are challenging. Combat controls are tight and responsive and I never found myself struggling with flaws in the controls. Each of the three games play essentially the same, but the story is slightly different in each with some different weapons and item upgrades found throughout the title.

- Wii pointer controls for aiming and some limited motion controls.
- Achievement/Medal system has been added to the first two titles
- Widescreen support for the first two titles
- Minor graphical upgrades
- Metal collector's set box
- Collector's artwork
- One of the nicest and heftiest instruction manuals I've ever seen in a console game. They don't make them like this anymore.

+++ Amazingly tight and precise controls, but more customization options would have been nice.
+++ Split-screen multi-player in Metroid Prime 2.
+++ Three of the best and most critically acclaimed Nintendo games ever made all on one disc.
+++ Amazing graphics which... well, they're really old and show their age but the artwork is stunning.
+++ At least 60+ hours of game play.

--- No online multi-player. It really feels like the only thing missing from the game.
--- Lots of back-tracking. It's not really that bad, but some people can't stand it. Be warned.
--- You may have already paid for this and beat it at least once before.
--- This set proves that most developers are lazy on the Wii because the graphics on some games produced last generation mop the floor.

That depends on who you are.

* If you have never played any of the Metroid Prime titles and are looking for a good adventure game or a FPS title and you don't mind lots of exploration, pick this up.
* If you tried either Metroid Prime or Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption and didn't like it, I doubt you'll like it this time either.
* If you tried Metroid Prime 2 - Echoes and didn't like it or got frustrated, I recommend at least renting this one because Prime and Corruption are much more approachable than Echoes was.
* If you beat all three Metroids before and you never play through a game a second time, you may want to stay away from this title. For those who rarely replay games after beating them, the new additions are nice, but nothing except the controls are earth-shatteringly new.
* If you enjoy replaying some of your favorite games over again from time to time and you consider Metroid to be one of your favorites, the control upgrades alone are reason enough to justify the purchase. Much like Resident Evil 4, the remake for the Wii makes this the definitive version to own.
* If you enjoyed Metroid Prime - Corruption and never played Metroid Prime 1 & 2, this game is a must buy.
* If you're a Metroid fan boy/girl, yes. This game was made just for you. I'd tell you to buy it, but you probably already had a copy pre-ordered months ago. In fact, go buy two copies, keeping one sealed in the original shrink wrap inside a sealed vault. I also recommend getting some therapy.

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