Thursday, October 12, 2000

Super Mario 3D World 9.0

When this game was first revealed many were unimpressed as it seemed like a rehash of the 3DS game super Mario 3D Land. Then we saw more and saw how wrong we were. This game is amazing. It is the culmination of all Mario games and a mix of old and new. Before even going into the multiplayer aspects I have to say that this game has so much to offer.
There are many secrets to unlock (including a 5th character), so many modes of gameplay and so much innovation. Whether it's the double cherry that creates copies of your character or the powerups that let you fight ghosts or the throwbacks to old powerups like the Kuribo's shoe, this game has it all. There are levels with Music reminiscent of Super Mario 64, Boss battles that are incredibly fun and amazing visuals throughout. This game must be seen to be believed. Running at 720p (upscaled to 1080p) at 60 fps, the game is gorgeous! At times you will simply stop and look and admire the visuals.
Speaking of the levels there is so much variety putting this on the same playing field as the Galaxy games (made by the same team) and other 3D Mario games. There is a level with silhouettes, a level that plays like an overhead shooter (with the double cherry as special powerup) and a Mario kart themed level and that's just some of it. The levels start out somewhat easy but this is to ease you into the game. It gets harder as you progress and it makes you want to play until you beat it.

The music is amazing and varies between big band music and orchestral remixes of older Mario music. It really fits the game well and you will want to listen for hours.
Now about the multiplayer, it's fun but be warned, the more players, the more chaotic it becomes. This isn't a bad thing though. Playing in single player and then in multiplayer will give you very different experiences. Playing with four players locks the camera up while playing in single player or with less than 4 characters allows freer roaming camera angles. As for controls, there are so many options, ranging from the gamepad, to the pro ctontroller, thewiimote to the nunchuck and the classic controller and they are all awesome!

While there isn't online co-op, the truth is that online co-op isn't needed and the game is fun without it, however there is an option to go online and submit your playthroughs of level and access other peoples' playthroughs and race against other peoples' ghost data. There are also stamps that can be obtained in the game and shared on miiverse and take part in the online community.

The different modes in this game are amazing, whether its speed running with the clock starting at 100 seconds, or the bonus levels, there is so much variety offered (including a hidden bonus game) and the game never stays constant and is always changing things up. There is no way to get bored and so much to unlock. This is the reason to buy a Wii U right now if you haven't yet!

This game marks the beginning of a new era of awesomeness for Nintendo and the Wii U. Its time to get hyped!

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