Thursday, October 19, 2000

Suikoden II review (ps1) 9.0

I'm not kidding as far as the title to my review. The "big name" reviewers have been so off when it comes to the Suikoden series - including the editorial reviewers right here on Amazon. Just read the "customer reviews". We all love it! Why aren't the "real" reviewers responding?
Suikoden is just like Final Fantasy (My second favorite series) except better. It's easier to play, has more lovable characters, has a simpler battle system, a more exciting plot, and a lot more options about how to spend your time. In this game, you will sincerely grow attached to the characters - and when one dies, you will weep. (OK, only if you're as sentimental as I am.) There are lots of games within the game - like tossing dice or going fishing or entering cooking contests. You don't have to do that stuff, but if you think it's fun, it's there for the taking.
You can hurry through the game, just trying as hard as you can to win it, or you can choose to slow down and play around with the characters inside your castle. What you do will affect the ending.
The makers of Suikoden II took all of the annoying glitches out of fantasy roll playing games. If you run into a random encounter that's just way too easy for you at your level, you can put your characters on automatic, and just have them take care of it so that you don't have to have a boring battle. When you go in shops, all the items say right on them whether they're as good as what you already have. They've just made it easier so that you can spend more time having fun!
The Suikoden series is my favorite. I would buy a Playstation just so I could play this game. I think maybe some of the reviewers who call it "nothing special" should ask themselves why all of us regular people who play it think it's incredibly special!

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