Sunday, April 04, 2004

Bob's coming tomorrow for LAN party

I hate to make this any longer, but I found out something very funny if I could pull it off. See at home, I have this very large traveling suitcase. I saw this 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 at school. Maybe I could take it home in the case w/o being seen? But that would be unethical…so I might as well forget it.

I saw at tigerdirect, I can get a Athlon 64 with motherboard for 350 dollars. The motherboard already runs on the same DDR RAM I already own. Where am I going to get 300 dollars though? From my parents? Possibility. Am I going to wait until Christmas to get an Athlon 64 PC @ 4.2 GHz. I may have to buy another case that’ll fit everything. If it works I’ll be so happy!

I am going to be serious now. Yesterday night was quite interesting. About 4 hours ago I went to town to download Counter-Strike and America’s Army. My ISP is so slow that it makes me ill. In 2004, people take advantage of their high speed Internet and I have every right to do what their doing. I drove slow on my way to Dad’s office. He has is office key on this key chain he keeps in the Grand Cherokee. I just barrowed it. So I got to his office. I took my Compaq with me since he’s business computers have company files that I don’t want to get deleted by a hacker. I hook up the Compaq and I try to connect. I can’t connect though his T1 line. So I hook up his company computer. I get connected to and I find the 658 MB installer off a minor link. He’s T1 line only goes 12 KB. I thought it would be 10 times that much. The file would take 12 hours to download. So I go home. There ends the idea of secretly going to my dad’s work to download files. On my way home about 10 minutes to midnight, I was followed by this car with his brights on. O_o So I look in the mirror and see that he’s riding my butt. I swerve to the left, regain control though I was driving in the middle of the road most of the time and slowly. There is deer out. Truth was he was driving so close, I kept looking at him in the mirror. He must think I was a drunk driving home. Some reason he lived on my street too. Freaky thing about it is I haven’t seen anyone on my street for nearly 4 years! Not kidding. After I hyper ventilated one day and since had experienced 6 hyper ventilations from 1999 – 2002 in a public environment. I’m much better now, I can control my hyper ventilations when I’m mad, though I find my self a bit excited most of the time. Does that mean I’m doing okay? Course it does. Truth is I don’t care if I never see anyone again on my street or in my class. To me, he’s and all the other 20 year olds are old acquaintances. And I’ve been pushed/forced to make new friends along the way. Yeh I know it sucks. I know sucks is sometimes an understatement. He knows I’m right about not disturbing anyone out in the country I use to know. He probably knows I am rarely seen by anyone.

Today, I am prepared for tomorrow’s LAN party. I got Diablo 2 LOD, Spellforce, Dungeon Siege, Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake 3, and I might try Vampire Masquerades just because I’m on an installing frenzy tonight!

Here are some secrets I found out. Are you listening?

• Spellforce Order of Dawn can be booted on several computers with one cd. After you start the game, you can eject the cd. If you’re having problems with game not running, it’s because you have anti-analyzing on, and that’s bad. I first try the game in Software acceleration first. Believe it or not, 2 players LAN games wont work cause their needs to be more then 2 players to play. The 1.11 patch makes the game much more user friendly fixes lag and crash bugs too. Some guy on a messenger board says it has the Securom

o He wrote, “Start Alcohol and start the "Image Making Wizard", from the Data type dropdown select "Securom NEW (4.x/5.x) and read an image of the disc. Select a slow speed for the DPM measurement.
Once it has finished start the "Image Writing Wizard" and select your disc image and click Next, Select "Securom New (4.x/5.x)" from the dropdown again and click Start.

o To turn on the RMPS emulation start Alcohol120 and click Emulation on the left, in the dialog that opens put a check in the box beside RMPS emulation and click OK.”

o More information,

• UT2004, UT2003 work the same way as Spellforce. Take the original uncopied CD and boot it when you start UT200x and then you can eject after game is running. You can do this to as many computers as you want. UT2004 uses securom 5.0 an burning option in Alcohol 120%. Try burning UT2004 at 1x to ensure best results.

• Knights of the Old Republic can be installed on several computers and booted off one cd.

• Dungeon Siege can be copied with Alcohol 120% though you may want to copy your friends game since LAN games detect your game’s ID so you can’t play it twice.

• Diablo 2 can not be copied cause it has way to many errors. Though you can install Diablo 2 on several computers then make sure you have several copies of LOD handy. I have both 1.09d and 1.10. 1.10 is so fun and challenging that I will never go back to 1.09d. Maybe you can find a list off the Internet on how to copy LOD disc with Alcohol 120%.

• Unreal Tournament can run on your hard drive in multiplayer without CD. It can also be copied with Alcohol 120%

• Most games can be copied though remember to keep the original factory date or you're screwed. The game
detects this when it’s in your drive. Alcohol 120%, Nero 5x or CloneCD will not do this automatically. You must go into Options and set this yourself.

• Clonny XXL will tell you what copy protection your game has.

• is a great reference site for these kind of things.

This concludes my small FAQ on some games running in LAN and the ability to make backups of them.

On another note, yesterday I went to school and started a download on America’s Army: Operations 2.0A. No one was there except for a pesky janitor, and lucky I found a room open. AA downloaded at 25 KB/sec which is good enough for me. I am hoping that someone doesn’t ask about the minimized download screen on Monday. I want to own Ghost Recon for PC, though I am still having fun with the games I have. To ensure no one deletes it before I can upload it, I’m going back on Sunday. I had to leave because the janitor was rushing me. O_o All I have to do is take my MP3 player and upload it to that. I was also planning to download Counter-Strike 1.5, so what if you can buy it in stores for 20 dollars. I am unsure about it because I don’t play Half-life much. But then why does this mod attract so many gamers. It's cool, I know that part. I find it more fun buying games though. You get what you pay for the most part in my opinion. I might download it Sunday so I can get it Monday. I hear this rumor that Counter-Strike 2 v1.0 is a game option in Half-life 2. The mod team is working closely with Valve Software on this. Hmmm, goodie!

I’m Going to play Dungeon Siege now and Diablo 2 now. DS requires a lot of bandwidth so it makes it impossible to play over modem. I updated my webpage so it looks pretty slick now, more so than before. For all your viewers I’ll add whats above to this link for easy reference. Remember it’s just as simple to go to and find a post that will tell you what decoder to use.

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