Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter is over | The Fall looks interesting.

Hmm. I thank all you bloggers for coming to my blog, it helps to make it so my blog will not disappear. First day of school today. Um, Joyce is getting into floppy drives. Ha, it’s really simple. How to install a floppy drive, huh, not very difficult. Earlier before break, our class took a test on everything MS-DOS.

Conventual memory, upper memory. We had to know the different memory modules (DIMMs, RIMMS, SIMMS). They had this question on our test, I got wrong, it really was a stupid question. Can you upgrade SRAM on a motherboard? I said true. She marked it wrong even though it was true, you can replace SRAM like you would DIMMs. I didn’t understand the system requirements for performance on WIN98. She says you need at least 128 MB RAM to run it well. I said 64-MB. While I never had 64MB on Windows 98, my friend did. Though there was a huge boost of performance adding extra 64MB, it didn’t run dirt slow with 64-MBs. In fact on the Windows 98 box, I say to her, it only requires 16 MB minimum and 64-MB for best performance. Take it that 128 makes everything faster and PC owners began to buy these computers late in 1999, like my parents did. It was a hard question for me because I upgraded to 256 MB to that computer just before I gave it away to my Dad. The answer was 128 MB for Windows 98 and 256 MB for Windows 2000/XP. I don’t know any computer that has less then 256 MB of RAM anymore. I don’t get why RAM is a big deal anymore. There are some people out there who still think 256-MB is a lot of memory. Would I blow those people a way when I said that my computer has 8 times the memory as the one I got in 1999. Next year, 1 GB of RAM won’t be a big deal anymore. I am saying this because I believe everyone should know that RAM doubles every 18 months now. It will be the industry standard. Another stupid question is does memory come in pairs of 2 or pairs of 1. Is this a trick question? My computers have 3 or more RAM sticks except for the Dell. She says that most computer come with 1 stick not 2. That sucks. Its crazy I tell you. Of course the correct answer is 1. Why should it even matter? In a year I’m going to upgrade my computer with another 1GB of RAM so it’ll be 2 Gigabytes (2000 Megabytes) for 160 dollars.

As for more interesting life experiences, I went to school. I got home, took a shower, went to bed. Easter went well. I thought it wasn't very good. Not like Christmas at our house last year. I brought PS2 & Xbox to my aunt’s house. The hottest game was easily Soul Caliber 2. My cousin, Josh, loved to play that game. Brian (oldest cousin and brother of David) took his Xbox out and we both exchanged played games. He's games sucked. I mean he thinks Xbox is the coolest thing on Earth. He has 35 Xbox games. In my opinon, Xbox is the worst console you can own right now. No good games or orginal games are scarce. Nothing seemed to play right, not even Halo. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was also a big game over there. Brian didn't like Morrowind. He played THPS 4 and I played THRS 3. It was fun. Brian didn’t have an Xbox LAN cable so we played separately. I talked to the relatives. I don’t think we had much to talk about. I asked Uncle Jim about his house. It turned out to be a less than exciting conversation.

I want to add a game on my most anticipated game list. The game is called The Fall – Last Days of Gaia due out this year. I admit I made a couple mistakes. For example I bought a game (Spellforce) that does not allow me to play with anyone, thus it makes it a horrible multiplayer game. Secondly I had high hopes for Anarchy Online. Not only a disappointment, I was about to get my money back. Until I though eh, when I can afford it, maybe I'll just play it. But if thats the case I'd just subscribe to Final Fantasy XI. Anarchy Online Shadowlands was a great buy though. It included Anarchy Online with two booster packs. It said though online fees required, the huge draw back. It was a serious let down for me. To get back to The Fall. The game looks promising. It’s a role playing game not an action game. Role playing allows your character to communicate with other players. Plus it has a most interesting plot. 25 years after the world got wasted by Carbon Monoxide machine (called terraformers) suppose to create life on Mars, instead got in the hands of religious activists dooming the Earth to a global wasteland. Few human habitats still exist in the year 2062. If you’re interested in the story go to I think it rocks! I’m interested about the hints of past relics of the early 21st century. I think I saw an F-150 in the screenshots. The game is developed by Silver Style, based in Berlin, Germany.

Other people may disagree, this game could flop! The truth is I never heard of this developer, I just know it has good looking graphics. I am still looking at Half-life 2 and will buy it the day it comes out because it is the sequel to Half-life. Half-life needs no introduction. Counter-Strike is finally dieing out, but never fear, all first person shooter fans have the sequel to look forward too. There are more first person shooters then any other genre out. Isn't that a bit scary fact? The best genre has the most games avaliable.

I'll be back to tell more tall talls of my on going saga in "Adventures in Farmland." Tune in later too look at Chapter 30 something. These chapters aren't really staying on the same topic, but they all star me cause I'm the man! Gotta read a chapter in one of my classes.

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