Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I got my PSone emulator to work! | Link to PS Bios

Hello. I got some great news and some not so great news. The not so great news is I can’t get my Playstation 2 emulator to work. The emulator I’m using is PCSX2 version 0.6. The EMU says it can’t run commercial PS2 games. It freezes up when I run the game. I am positive that it needs a BIOS. Somewhere you can upload a BIOS from PS2 using some Bios image tool at Something I’m sure I don’t know how to do. The good news is I got the Playstation emulator to work. I know bleem was was out for quite some time now. And no this is not Bleem! It’s better then Bleem. The one I am trying and to my surprise actually runs is EPSXE 1.6. I had to find the Bios (SCPH1001.dll) it was asking, lucky someone using iMESH had it. I also had to find a GUI. The emulator won’t work without it. I found one off ESPXE’s official webpage. So tonight I’ve been playing Final Fantasy VII on my PC (how exciting). It was a little awkward using the mouse as a joystick. My Noka AirFlow Pro controller is perfect for Playstation games. The still-low resolution graphics became a bit of a disappointment. But hey it’s Playstation on your PC with no fancy TV tuner card. I tried putting the emulator with all the required plugins on my server which made me a little mad. I was going to tell all my friends to download it. Now I’m waiting to get PS2 games running on my computer, which would be very nice.

I would love to give you everything including the emulator itself except all I can give you is the PSone BIOS as written above for now. 410KB Games I’ve tested are Final Fantasy VII, Gran Tranismo 2 and Legend of Dragoon. They all work very well.

Some other personal news is someone at school deleted my Counter-Strike download. O_o. This was a major disappointment. Mom made a payment to Pay-Pal nearly a week ago to get America’s Army Operations 2.0A sent to us. It hasn’t arrived yet so I’m going to tell Mom tomorrow to check if any money was taken from her account. It’s called Internet Fraud.

I find it difficult to study homework. I admit that the books have good graphics in them, but that’s not what makes it overly easy. I must see reality of it all, if school was easy, 10s of millions of people would have same jobs I want. All it really takes is some determination and the will to read 20 pages every other day. Thus school being difficult enough for me to barely pass some classes. Computers are my livelihood. They control me. I must make them work! I knocked off zoning out in class even though I am tired most days from staying up all night. I don’t know the solution…perhaps it is making good grades. If I made good grades, I’d be real happy. I know what CISCO part 1 is like. It is 3 times as difficult as my current classes. I got a 71% final grade in Cisco at Chippewa Valley in River Falls. At WITC, I need a 72% of better to get a passing grade in CISCO. This is true in all my classes. See I’ll act mature like and say, “What’s in the past is in the past.” Which is the overwhelming truth in this case. I think I’ll play Diablo 2 for the rest of the night so I can go to bed, wake up at 1:30pm, and play catch up on missing assignments.

I wonder how Randy’s been doing this week. He’s my long time friend. Lately he’s been working double shifts at Somerset High School (Ozzfest is held there every year) When he comes over here, there really isn’t much for us to do except play a few rounds of soccer.

Two months until the Pierce County Fair. I haven’t gone there for 3 years since I had nobody to bring. This time though, I can drive myself over there. No sense trying to flatter young girls, I mean it could end up ugly. I mean what happens one of those gals gets me into trouble? Than what? Why meet someone you don’t know when I'll never see them again. Plus, they’ll figure out I have no money so they’ll loose interest in me very quickly. I like blonds with long legs and their bellys showing. It's very attractive to us men ya know. Sometimes we just look and don't know it. There's a word for it, "babe watching" I believe. To get back to why I'm poor. It’s all about the money. The man with the money gets all the beautiful high school babes! Damn right! Seen it myself!

It’s over at Glenwood City. Usually there are a lot of tractors there and a lot of amusement rides and Candy. Same rides come back every year. If you’ve been there in the pass 5 years, there isn’t really any reason to go back…same old rides, arcade, and booths, and games. I’ve been there since I was a kid. Now, I’ve pretty much grown out of all the rides. Though that “pop the balloon, win a price booth” is still there. To have a great time, Bob, Randy and I should drive over too State Fair grounds pass White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Now that we’re out of high school and Boy Scouts it should be much easier to plan a day for it. Haven’t been there for 4 years. That place has some awesome rides during the annual state fair. I am fond of the bungie cord that drops people 100 feet. There is free stuff including custom T-Shirts booths. 93X is going to be there, that’s enough reason to go. The state fair grounds has it’s own auto racing track. It’s not Nascar, but it’s exactly like Nascar in a way. Been there once myself, thought it was pretty exciting. Hundreds more people come to the state fair every year.

I took this quiz i found off another blog. As you can see I have no problems.

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