Sunday, April 18, 2004

I want a memory chip in my brain too has visited my site a lot in the 5 months that it’s been online. I don’t normally visit Technorati much. Though I found some interesting links. Remembering back on Star Trek: The Next Generation or even Star Trek: First Contact, Borg have implanted chips into our brains so that anyone enslaved would think like everyone else. Borg comes from the word Cy-Borg meaning half-human, half machine. Anyways there is an article on Technorati that made me shit my pants. I did this article on nano-probing article for writing class in high school, and the teacher though I was just making it up, but here’s the proof that I wasn’t making it up. I was saying that scientists will in the future insert tiny hard drives in our brains so we can remember things that aren’t humanly possible presently. How neural brain patterns and electronic computer hardware can communicate is the million dollar question. The article clearly says Cybernetics already made the first step in this new technology. Human brains excepting computer data to function as memory. It’s a scary thought having computers in your head to allow you remember everything. That wouldn’t be fair to the rest of people who don’t have a “memory chip.” This article wasn’t limited to just long term memory but also human made eye balls that give the blind, clear sight. Also chips that control people’s arm and leg movements. Do these chips train people’s brains to do common everything things or does it just take over the brain’s functions forever. Of course the argument isn’t going to be the cost, it’ll be if it can function all the time. It’ll probably run on a battery much like ethnic hearts.

I can’t really tell bloggers what I think of memory chips without knowing what is true so I made fun of the article with what possibility could happen to someone who uses a brain chip themselves. Cybernetic is not going to tell the full story until it works perfectly. And I think want I say would be possible in 30 years.

While they’re at it why don’t these scientists just add a miniature cell phone /w antenna and FM Radio and Internet ? Okay, it’s like this. Someone’s talking to me and I’m listening to the weather report inside my head. Someone asks, "What are you listening too?" "I’m listening to Sports.", I say. He replies, "Where? I don’t see any radio?" I joke, “No, I have a radio in my head, it’s made by Cybernetic Corp.” Oh how bizarre, man. Is it hard to concentrate? I reply, “Oh no, It’s the greatest thing ever, I have high speed Internet and I’m downloading music videos to my hard drive right now. Yeah, the Internet browser opens a window in my left eye. I just think and I’m at the site.” Oh, what do you do when your hard drive fills up? I chuckle and say, “Well I have a 400 GB hard drive in my head and it’s about he size of my fingernail so I download it to my computer at home via Firewire.” “What do you do to protect against viruses?” I respond, “Cybernetic gives me a virus protection which is apart of my service plan. I have to pay them usage fees every month.”

Worst yet, just think of the military technology that we could use from it. Currently we use HUDs in aircraft to control magnitude, altitude, speed, G-force, and the whole sha-bang. Pilots may not need HUDs anymore since technology would grant them control with brainwaves entirely. Of course, if the electrical system fails then he/she would be in deep water. So I don’t know how effective it would be. I can imagine though. Combine that with a GPS integrated fight navigation system, you got yourself a very powerful and intelligent aircraft, not to mention dangerous to the enemy. Remember, computers are stupid. They can’t think for themselves. They need instructions to work. And it’s a good thing, we don’t need the T1000 coming back to end humanity. I’m joking, I really am imagining.

Someone would see this coming and they won’t it. And I don’t think we have the technology to make artificial intelligence happen. I really don’t not in a 100 years. And if any of you believe that computers are going to take over the world, then you have been watching to many science fiction movies.

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