Sunday, April 04, 2004

Direct Way a possiblity

Hi everyone, it is I, the great writer of Modblog. Bahahahahah! If I get Direct-way connection, I will burn the episodes / movies such as Family Guy, maybe some anime to DVDR. That is if my parents can afford it. We live out in the country so DSL and cable isn't avaliable, and will never be avaliable to us.

Don't you hate getting bandwidth used up by ads? Maybe it's because a Trojan Horse got inside your PC? To be exact the JS Seeker Trojan Horse. I got attacked yesterday. To prevent this you need to delete updater12.js in your windows directory, it's infected! You too can do this easily by going into DOS and typing in "del /f /p updater12.js" at the underscore. If you're don't have the virus, dos should say that updater12.js was not found. If it gives you bs saying the file was found, but couldn't be accessed, type attrib +r +a +s + h updater12.js than del /f updater12.js.

I have a favorite software / worst software survey at this link [ http://www.geocities...orstprogramlist.html ] Remember to hold down SHIFT to open a new window. It explains my most used programs, and the worst programs I downloaded! I mean performance effecting software.

I also updated my Squaresoft Webpage [http://www.geocities...01/square_index.html] Added a Final Fantasy X-2 review, added character bios to Final Fantasy 10, posted a exclusive desktop wallpaper made by me, and wrote a History of Squaresoft page under the Information tab.

I love my new pc, it is very fast. Multi-tasking is not a issue no more. I love it! Dad didn't put in a DVD RW in my Dell so I'm going to get one any ways. Than that way I'll have two DVDRWs for double the cd burning. It's good because than I use the DVD/CDRW with my other Compaq. This makes me want software called DVD Copy X. It's illegal to have now, it was just banned from all .com stores. The movies that you extract to your harddrive take up a whopping 8 Gigabytes! It's better to download compressed video off the Internet. It annoys me to reinstall the operating system when the harddisk gets 90% full. I am a expert at reinstalling Windows, really I am. I know everything there is to know about installing Windows. I generally load stuff as I need it, not all at once.

Till next time Sahara, adios readers!

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