Sunday, April 25, 2004

Which of my webpages do you like the most? servey!

I would like to ask bloggers to check out these three links of my webpage templates over a 2 year period. I would like to know if I should go back to my older template (which is by no means out of date) just not updated to current. I quite that template because I thought I could achieve something more, there is just something about “Ian’s Personal Webspace v4 that I can’t surpass. While Renegade Viking’s Awesome Webpage v5.0 is more awesome. You might realize that my latest template is modified for a 1280x960 resolution. Please change your resolution. I thought Renegade Viking’s Webpage 2004 was somewhat cool in my opinion, not the best (not the worst I created) because it has the curviness which was most inventive, but it was off centered I thought.

Link 1: Ian’s Personal Webspace v4 (2nd template of 2003)

• Pretty JPEG menu bars
• 2 Javascript Nav Bar
• Everything is written on one page
• New Feature: tag board
• New Feature: instant messenger auto open
• Matrix green themed background
• 100% online. All my work with this template is online, not deleted.
• Has Ian’s RPG Guild – my RPG gaming pages with some of my favorite RPGS
• Gaming Reviews (very updated)
• Editorials working.


• Each HTML page without graphics is about 110 KB each (takes up sever space)
• I stopped my blog updates October 1, 2003
• With graphics expect to download 300KB. of graphics, IE5 will load graphics from temp folder to make it load faster the 2nd time)
• Photo Gallery doesn’t work

Link 2: Renegade Viking’s Webspace v5 (template 5 of 2004)

• Everything is updated on one page that ever changes
• Much, Much easier to update and less time consuming
• Nice background?
• 100% text links, no unneeded graphics
• Most current information on myself except for a BIO
• Game list
• Most current software
• New feature: Software updates
• New Feature: Site Updates
• New Feature: Scrolling ad banners using java script
• Super Model Banner (I like hot women on my website)

• Not as nice looking as v4.0 overall Although I do like the background more than any enhancement on my webpage
• It seems that I’ve been force to conserve server space by putting information on html that loads in mini windows. Loading times improved, but readability as gotten worst. I weighed what I gained from what I lost using this.
• Doesn’t look as nice as v4.0

Link 3 : Renegade Viking’s Webpage (template 4 of 2004)

• Pros:
• Rounded boards
• Automatically has information that I used in v2004 template 2
• Has super model Heidi Klum on it
• Links
• Good attempt to make a good page
• Had potential in I only worked with it more


• Looks buggy
• Graphics look out of place
• Uses smaller windows for information not quite used property. I thought this was cutting edge because it looked great on state-of-the-art webpages

Question I have.......

Which template do you like best! Please comment by using “Comment” on this page.

Some suggestions could be as follows…..
Which template listed above is easiest to navigate?
Does it bug you if a page takes 2 minutes to load?
Which page is the most stunning?
Which aspect of my 4th template of 2003 should I change? Since I agree it’s the best web template I’ve ever modified!
Do you like videogame character banners or super model banners? Please specify your favorite character or model.
Do html errors bother you? Will you close a browser window if one pops up?

Other templates I’ve made thus far (for reference)

Ian’s Squaresoft Webpage

Renegade Viking’s New Webpage (2nd template of 2004)

Ian’s Personal Webpage 3.0
http://www.geocities...s101/february03.html (none of the months links work)

Renegade Viking’s Webpage v7.0 (7th template of 2003)


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