Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I got on the Diablo 2 LOD ladder! Pic to prove it

Hello Bloggers. I don’t think I ever covered Iraq in my entries so I got into reading this one guy’s Blog from Iraq and I was intrigued to read all of it. I hear Iraq’s new government a lot on satellite. But you know I didn’t think Iraqis had Internet over there. Anyways, you know American Army has Internet access through their camps. Yeah, they all have portable laptops right? So some of them besides emailing friends and family are doing Blogs instead. Blogs are relatively new to the Internet, right? Since this guy, Raid, quoted, “American radio is very interesting” [http://dear_raed.blogspot.com/ ] The military broadcast’s American Radio in Baghdad at 107.7 FM. It’s called SAWA. So far I know it broadcast’s advertisements that we may hear in Wisconsin. Not odd to us, just odd to Iraqis. I’m sure they have Fords, Chevys, Chrysler and Coca-cola over there. Raid doesn’t get it though, he’s an equal. Saddam isn’t controlling him anymore. The whole blog he writes sounds like he never is equal person to Americans. This is a misconception. He has the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness now. Hey Raid, go to http://www.UnitedStates.com. There’s a message board I think you should know about :) Who knows, maybe you can learn something.

There is a question I like to ask him. Do they have fast computers over there? Well if you got the Internet than maybe you can order one off EBay or Tigerdirect. That is if you can export to Iraq. Well my question really is, “American’s all know that the Internet is diggin’ it.” Do Iraqis know it though? I realize that Raid has Internet, though is he one of the fortunate few? I don’t know, Iraq is not a 3rd world country. Anyone who wants something can buy it. But I keep hearing how American’s are about 6 years a head of everyone else (as in 1st world countries) in terms of technology because Americans have all the wealth in the world. I can only say this….I don’t see it that way. Although I have all the games and television channels I can possibly watch, I can’t just buy anything.

Look at farming, less then 1% of American’s farm and we stop using DCT (weed/insect killer) 20 years ago. We advanced to genetically engineered crops. For what ever foods we can’t grow outside, we do it in high tech green houses. We can feed everyone in our country 10 times over. Maybe now, it’s closer to 11 times. Canada can do that, though I don’t know any other country that can do that. Iraq is desert as far as the eye can see. They have to import all their food.

Iraq now has a democratic government which will begin to run on it’s own starting today. Iraq is not going to change their flag. Iraq can make a lot of money giving away it’s oil. I don’t agree with our tax dollars help rebuilding Baghdad though. And why when we try to help, do Iraqis think they can loot the Red Cross? Did Germany help rebuild Warsaw, Belgium after World War II? Warsaw was rebuilt by US funds. And who rebuilt Pearl Harbor? US did. Did we ask the UN to fund rebuilding the World Trade Center? No, instead we made it a memorial. With all that money thrown around, somebody’s going to think we are all aristocrats, larger than life figures. Like me, I spent a lot of money on building / updating PCs, and I have no income. Am I a larger than life figure? I still ask my parents for money. I can’t even play Final Fantasy XI because my parents don’t want to though in 144 dollars a year, because it’s a waste of money. I tell you the thing I hate most about home is not having somewhere to work and not having a credit card so I can buy things online and subscribe to online games. But that’s just me.

For some more interesting news is I finally made it on the Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction ladder board.

The text that I circled is my character! It took me 2 weeks to go from 80 - 99. TheWierdSpearII can take out a cow with 3 strikes of her bow. But since I graducated hell difficulty, I just went for those Cow levels which give me the most experience for the time I put in. Now if I could keep my account up forever I'd be really happy. And thanks Gamefaqs.com for giving me a good reference to use, it was very helpful. I got a good start in the 1.09d patch so hell wouldn't be as hard as it would of been. Also I got to in the Aurrit Summit in all three difficluties in Act 5. So I gained 8 or 10 levels because I went dominated at 20, then 40, then 60 for full benefits.


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