Monday, March 15, 2004

Suse 9.0 Pro Impressions (German Distro)

I went to CompUSA, because I had $100 to spend on a new operating system. I saw Redhat 9.0, and StarOffice, and Mandrake Linux lined in a role. Since the technician guy said to try Suse 8.2 over Redhat last year, I get the same thing with more stuff. This one was easy to dual boot on Windows. I installed Red Hat 7.1 on a Athlon 2001 Compaq Presario, because in high school, I had a Linux course. I was the first person from Renaissance Academy to do one over stupid Spanish. Think Babblefish. I got a lot of stuff in it like 35 games, and it comes with Sega Genesis, NES, Commodore 64, and SNES emulators. There is this emulator on the double sided DVD. Frozen Bubble was from Puzzle Bubble and this new platform Super Tux really isn't good at ripping off Mario. RedHat 7.1 seems so hard in comparison. I can play mp3s in XMMS which is cool and Suse 9.0 Pro reads NTFS file system too...

I copied it for Randy! The GUI is faster than before. This has the potential of keeping me dual booting linux with Windows XP forever. I mean I need XP to play Dungeon Siege, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Neverwinter Nights! I have to get good for LAN parties. Everybody should have a copy of this operating system. It has linux kernel 2.6.3! KDE 3.1 Gnome 2.2.

This will get me through 2004! I use it to say I'm there. My friend Bob who lives in Hammond had Mandrake Linux 6.2 in 2000 running on his PC and want to show him whose boss! That's because Windows 2000 really screwed up his computer. He had bad sound issues. He hates Linux I think. SUSE could be the next big thing.

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