Sunday, March 07, 2004

My topic today is what is the best gaming platform? What a non geekish subject. I will cover cost and performance, and quality games. But only one platform will be the winner. None of this double favorites nonsense. I can do this because I own Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, and PC. I have more than 10 games for each platform.

I wrote this on Cheat Happens, talking about the best console I prefer. I ended the entry by saying it won't matter because next generation consoles will be out next year.

"Cheat Happens is probably the best form in this hot debate on which console is the better. I came hear because I wanted to find out which console I should buy 2 of. I mean the next generation of Playstation will play PS2 games. Xbox 2 will play Xbox games, which leaves Gamecube a stand alone product with no future. Once Gamecube is done, it's done forever, right? So it's what I think, but I wondered if I could get away with getting a another Gamecube. This is not my favorite console by the way. I own so many games for it, 14 in all. As you now realize, Sega is not a major competitor. In 1999, Sega released some absolutely great games on Dreamcast, although it also had a 2 year lead start in Japan (October 15, 1998 release date.) Who could forget Sega's Skies of Arcadia, which I say could be the direct competitor to Square-Enix's Final Fantasy. It was an important game because I knew then how fun RPGs are. Soul Caliber and Dead or Alive 2 were also great fighting games. I also enjoyed Crazy Taxi and Rayman 2. Chu Chu Rocket was a fun puzzle game. Sonic Adventure was state-of-the-art in 1999, and did have good gameplay. After Dreamcast left the market, I knew I would soon have to invest into a newer console. I trusted Nintendo for Quality, but soon found out that I loved PS2 more, which I bought in 2003. After owning both Gamecube and Xbox before PS2. I found out that PS2 is the better of the three. I'm a big fan of Gran Trasimo 3 A-Spec , Xenosaga, Winning Eleven Soccer, and Final Fantasy X. I own copies of Silent Hill 2, Grand Thief Auto Vice City, Timesplitters, and Soul Reaver 2 also were fun. But RPGs give me a lot of time too entertain myself, and rpgs are my prefered genre. PS2 has the most RPGs of any console. No debate there? I try to compete them without cheating, although it's hard. I knew then I soon would invest in Playstation 3 (which I already put a 50 dollars preorder in at Gamestop, only place that lets you do so right now). PS3 is going to sell out in pre orders first day anyway, I already guarantee everyone this is true. Same 3rd party support is going to be supporting Sony, more sequels, I love sequels to games already popular on PS2. The bottom line, why is everyone debating on this generation, when you'll just have to debate PS3, Nintendo Nexus, and Xbox 2? The cell chip is very interesting. Sony is switching to ATI and IBM to make hardware for their system. Playstation I now know is the wisest choice. I sounds like it's going to go up to a 256 MB graphics card, plus onboard flash memory and produce an amazing amount of polygons (1.5 billion), and it will be even a larger online console than PS2, cause online games rule, and in development I heard off Only question is will subscribers to PlayOnline be able to play Final Fantasy XI, Twisted Metal Black, Resident Evil Deadly Aim or Madden 2004 online with it? I have this debate on Also, check out for big updates."

PC 1st place: Cost $500 - $3000 Poor | RPGS – Excellent | RPGS – Excellent | FPS – Excellent | Graphics - Excellent | Racing – Poor | Strategy – Very Good | Features – Excellent | Sports – Very Good | Horror - Good Excellent | Online Support - Excellent free internet gaming |

2nd place PS2: Cost 180 Dollars - Average | RPGS - Very Good | FPS – Good | Graphics – Good | Racing – Very Good | Strategy – Good | Horror - Very good | Features – Excellent Harddrive, DVD playback included, and Psone backwards compatibility | Online support – Good |

3rd place Xbox: cost 170 Dollars Average | RPGS - Poor | FPS – Very Good | Graphics – In-between Good and Very Good | Racing - Good | Online support - Very Good – Features (8 Gigabyte Harddrive, broadband support, Xbox Live, DVD playback | Horror – Poor

4th Place – Gamecube Cost $99 Excellent | RPGS – Poor | First Person Shooters Average | Graphics: Good to above average | Racing: Very Good | Online Support – 1 title, Phantasy Star Online so Poor. | Horror – Very Good | Features – (Gameboy Player and GBA link) Very good.

And the Winner is the PC! The PC is above all the rest because it doesn’t involve immediate upgrading. It is nice to have a state-of-the-art PC, but it’s not required. RPG fans may like consoles over PC because you get a nifty controller. The controller is alright, but the mouse is a lot better in my opinion. Feels better as well. Works better then joystick in most 3D games. Take PS2 for faineance. It has Final Fantasy, the largest selling RPG in the history of the world. I am talking about RPGs because they are my favorite genre. Believe it or not Final Fantasy 7 and 8 can run on PC with graphical upgrades if you can find them. They weren’t really favorite pick though. PC has some wonderful first person shooters and MMORPGs available. All consoles are limited to media space and hardware limitations. Take the 5 year old PS2. It’s like 3 years past the expiration date. Only exception is some games like Gran Tranismo 3 A Spec and Grand Thief Auto Vice City can be played on it. The PC has better graphics. Consoles are reduced to a lower resolution because the PC and 32-bit monitor can exceed the TV’s resolution. Unless you have a flat screen or HDTV. I want one but don’t have the money. To much money going towards upgrading PC for last 2 years.

TOP PC game picks of 2004

Winner – Neverwinter Nights
2nd Place - Half-life 2
3rd Place – UT2004
4th Place Diablo 2

- Unreal Tournament 2004 – Game of the Month
- Half-life 2 – Best First Person Shooter of 2004
- Doom 3 – Second place First Person Shooter of 2004
- Neverwinter Nights Best Massive Multiplayer Online RPG of 2003
- Diablo 2 – Best MMORPG of 2000
- Dungeon Siege 2 – Best MMORPG of 2004
- Metal of Honor Allied Assault – 2002 Game of the Year
- Unreal Tournament 2003 – 2003 Game of the Year
- Knights of the Old Republic – 2003 2nd place RPG of the Year
- Need of Speed Underground – 2004 Racer of the Year


- Everquest II - MMORPG of the Year nominee
- World of Warcraft MMORPG of the Year nominee
- Grand Thief Auto 3 – PC game of the year nominee
- Call of Duty – First Person Shooter of the Year nominee
- Grand Thief Auto Vice City – PC game of the year nominee
- The Sims – PC Game of the Year nominee
- Battlefield 1942 – PC Game of the Year nominee
- Elder Scrolls III Morrowind – XBOX 2002 RPG of the Year

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