Friday, March 12, 2004

Hello readers! Yesterday, I went to school, walked around the building and eventually asked a fellow student, he said no classes today. The day went by really quick, nothing really to do. Before I knew it 4 PM blasted by before I took a nap. Than I slept until 4:10 AM That’s 12 hours! I had this dream where I was Conon the barbarian. I was very destructive. And I was fighting off the Romanians. In time of Kings, about 1300 AC, I was this Barbarian King (yes, I wore underwear.) trying to defend Norway. (It sort of looked like Middle Earth though) against the evil Romanian King and his army of the undead. Skeletons, Ghouns, and orcs? They were all 7 feet tall and UGLY with armor with bastard swords. Of course, we all had double edged long swords. And we barbarians were on the losing side. The Romanian Army was gaining ground slowing destroying our army, so I met the one-man-army himself from the game Halo, who went back in time after he defeated the Covenant, and gave us shock rifles and grenade launchers. There wasn’t enough for all of us, so we had to share. Anyways, I woke up right before I broke in the Dark Castle of Normandy. I had a scene there where a barbarian through a grenade and a whole horde of undead got blown to pieces. It was like the matrix! Oh yeah, did I mention I was about to save this beautiful damsel in distress? Yeh, that was part of the dream too. She looked like Kathleen Ireland. Okay, I admit it was kind of strange, but I was really an awesome dream. But a lot of you dream, and have these dreams after movies you saw and slept 12 hours and don’t know why?

Next, I’m hoping to invite someone over from WITC. There aren’t many guys at school that have that time. Some of them seem cool enough. They must like LAN parties and videogames. But I don’t know if it’s homework or they don’t like to go to somebody’s house unless they make plans. I just don’t know.

I was looking inside my Dell, and the DVD Drive, Harddrive, floppy drive is locked in to the case with levers and I just bought a 8X DVD RW and want to install it right a way. But I couldn't figer the lever out. I will have to go to Radio Shack and get an IDE splitter. That’ll make two DVDRWs. I had the other one for nearly a year now, and I haven’t burned one DVD!

Picture of my Dell : Pentium 4 3.2 GHz 1 GB Dual Channel RAM, Dell motherboard, 120 GB hardrive / 40 Gigabyte slave drive, Radeon 9800 256MB DRR, 100/1000 Ethernet / Sound Blaster Audagy II / DVD/CDRW / huge duel fan cooling system

Picture of the other monster : Athlon XP 2600 768 MB DRR 333 MHz, 120 GB harddrive, Geforce FX 256 MB DRR, on board sound on a Soyo Dragon Black Edition Motherboard, 100/1000 Ethernet / 56X CD ROM / 4x DVDRW +

My rooms a mess, I need to clean it up. I mean it has books everywhere. Four Mountain Dew bottles laying around CDs cases. I got dog hair on the floor. I wonder since it's a friday, bob can do something? I have this friend, Chuck, and he did something bad, and he works all the time to help out his girlfriend who he got pregnate. I don't call him anymore except for a few times, but I went to school with him for 2 years, and he was the only one I knew and talked too. I miss the times I went over to his house, and played Unreal Tournament. I don't know if he's a loser, because he wasn' t thinking, but this happened after I went to high school.

Four days until Unreal Tournament 2004 comes out, I'm excited! Can't wait to play online with it. And why didn't I play Unreal Tournament 2003 online? Well I did for a short while, but i was slow, and I got by butt kicked, so I dropped it. It's not worth to play all the time, and be above average on the rouster. Because there are a lot of mean players, who know where all the starting points are in the level I and I hate to be killed right away by them. This is not aways true, not I remember a few times this happened too me. All the good areas are taken, and with expert marksmen to boot.

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